Friday, June 17, 2011

Break Time: Confessions of a Used-to-be Jaywalker

So this is my second break time post. Hooh... I can't believe, it's been a week that I haven't post anything in any of my blogs. My Giants and Elves series is delayed. (Yeah, right, like I have a lot of serious readers there... Well, who knows? Siguro marami rin naman talagang bumabasa non kahit ang dami kong typo. Gosh!!! I miss blogging!)

Anyways, I'm back at school again which is why, I'm not that active with posting blogs. I'm loaded and most of my major subjects are scheduled noon. Some are even 6-9 pm... Noong mga early years ko here in MSU-IIT, one thing na lagi kong ginagawa is tumawid nang kalsada... :-) Obvious ba? hehe...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blank Mind: Updates and Whatever

It's been a tough week for me and I've made last minute and surprising decisions and now all I have is a blank mind. I've been thinking for how many days what should I write for blog. Even my Giants and Elves newest chapter is a bit delayed this month. I want to write but all I have is a blank mind. A blank mind...

The last article I have published in Triond was last  May 26 and my last post in this blog was last week. I'm thinking that I'm totally losing some points for Adgitize... LOL... Anyway, my Triond article views seems to be doing fine even if I'm not yet publishing any.

Beyond Crypticness finally closed its online contest. Sulit has also finished its raffle and I just wish I could win the Pickity Giveaway which is going to end on June 31. The earrings I picked on Pickity is really nice, antique and unique.

Image from Flicker


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