Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Makes a Guy Complicated

All these times, many would say things like "Girls. They're so complicated" , "They're hard to comprehend". Weeeeehhhhh... di nga...

Ni minsan ba, never pumasok sa isip niyo na, "Hello... Boys? They're so complicated too!" . And come to think of it, girls do have reasons why they're unpredictable and hard to comprehend. Girls in nature are moody plus the factor that girls have PMS periods that even them can't help but hate themselves when mood swings starts. How about boys? They blame everything to girls to the point that they can't see themselves doing the same thing and even worst things that makes them complicated.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Month of March

It's been a month since the last time I've posted about the Banana song of the Minions and until now, I still can't memorize the song well.

Now, I just want to share the things that happened last month. 

March was a very busy month, I kind of worked out with thesis and other school requirements for graduation. It's funny to think that we defended our thesis a day before the final passing of grades, bought a dress for my graduation ball a day before the Graduation ball and submitted my application for graduation a day before the Pre - Commencement exercise. And one more thing, we sang the institutes' very first graduation song that was composed for the institute. It was entitled "Ready To Go Beyond".

It was kind of a roller coaster rush. Things happened so fast that I even experienced staying awake for 22 hours, go to school from an overnight work(with our thesis) at my classmates' house without taking a bath and not taking any REAL meals. Until now, I couldn't believe I was able to carry on. Thanks to God's grace. Right now, I feel like I was Supergirl that time.


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