Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vee Philosophy: Opportunities, Doors and Windows

It’s actually crazy how a silent night can make you think of silly things that actually make sense. Like just last night, after doing my laundry while watching the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time (totally great shows), I had this realizations about opportunities.
I remember this saying that says, “When a door closes, a window opens.” Sounds familiar, right? Yeah, I also heard it from the movies. And of course, we get that this generally means that when you missed an opportunity then there’ll be another one but not that bigger than the one you missed.

I just thought, why should you choose window as a metaphor for this? Because if we think about it, this saying would actually mean that if we cannot enter the door, then we should break in through an open window. And that is not right because it would be trespassing already.

Maybe when an opportunity passed, it just simply means that it wasn’t for you and you just have to work hard until another one opens and not hold on to any little part of that opportunity that has passed like clinging to an open window. We just have to move on. After all, I have proved to myself that there is a perfect time for everything. If that door opens again and it lets you in, then it’s good but if not? You don’t have to roam around the house in search for an open window to enter. A window is not a door. Besides, there are lots of doors in the neighborhood you can knock.

I think that saying should be changed. It’s just literally wrong no matter how meaningful it may seem. Maybe the right saying should be…

“When a door closes, it’s either you knock again or move to the next door"


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