Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sad Jeepney Love Story

It's not Valentines but there's a love story I want to share. It's not something special but it's something that we witness everyday. Something that we can relate to a sad love story.

Image from Philippineplus

It was raining last Thursday when I rode a Jeepney home. The driver and the conductor were still waiting for additional passengers to fill the jeepney. A girl sat on an extension chair between me and the woman on the opposite side. The other side of the extension chair was still vacant. We were all set and the driver was already starting the engine. He's about to drive away and then someone shouted from the outside saying that he'd like to ride too. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SHOE HUNT: Caught Between Sneakers and Doll Shoes

I don’t always shop for shoes. I only shop for shoes during emergencies (I mean during times when I have no choice like wedding, graduation, formal occasions, thesis defense, project proposal and when shoes are on laundry). Because that’s the only time I have to wear those heels, stilettos and the likes which are really not for me. I’m not really comfortable with those. It aches my feet and I’m not comfortable with showing off my feet. Believe me, my feet are not that adorable. I have giant feet. Size 9. (woooahhh! Huge! Lol but true story) I guess it just match with my height. 

My usual footwear get-up are sneakers, usually chucks. I have four chucks. Hmmm… Anyways, I just got my monthly online earnings last week and I have decided to treat myself. I have decided to treat myself for a material thing. After all, I think I deserve it. After all, I have already spent my previous online earnings for an investment last month so maybe, it’s just right to give myself a reward. What came into my mind was a pair of new shoes even though I know the hunt was going to be difficult because of the size of my feet. So the decision is final. Actually, I was looking for okay-okay shoes since there are lots of original and slightly used shoes in okay-okay. In fact, three pairs of my chucks are from okay-okay. Also, they’re cheap so maybe I can buy an extra pair but there wasn’t any okay-okay shoe store in our city unlike the previous city I spent my three years of going to college. I was disappointed that I decided to go home but instead of calling a cab, I ended up inside Meryl, a shoe store and then I was caught between a nice MNJ doll shoes and an Adidas sneakers. Like I said, hunting for shoes with size like mine is difficult and they were the only shoes that I was attracted into and it’s great that they’re perfect for my feet. To think that I’m not easily attracted to doll shoes. I don’t wear a lot of doll shoes. For me, they’re only for emergencies. Both have common color. MNJ with gray and pink and sneakers with white and pink which is odd because when it comes to pink and red colors, I’m always the choosy type which is why until now, though my favorite color is red, I don’t have a red shirt. Both prices were just fine though I know I could have the same shoes but lower prices in okay-okay. The price was just fair enough for a brand new one. In the end, I bought the MNJ doll shoes and until now I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I bought a doll shoes instead of sneakers.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Break Time: The Four Honest People

I have decided that from now on, I'm going to post a Taglish post ( I mean Tagalog-English) every after three posts in this blog. Why? It's simply because I just miss writing Filipino words in my blog like my first posts. One even is making it on top of my popular posts and it's consistent on the list of popular posts. I don't know but maybe Kuya Kim Atienza is really a popular searched topic on the web especially for Pinoys.

I'm going to call all Taglish posts Break Time and that means I'm having a break from all the English talks here. I get tired sometimes and my brain just go blank sometimes. :) So for my first topic for breaktime, I'm going to talk about The Four Honest People.

Photo Link

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Come Back Contest: Joining an Online Contest

I've always been interested with online contests and freebies  giveaways but I have never tried joining one until yesterday when I was online doing online gigs and blog hopping. I stumbled upon this blog which is hosting a contest. I thought, how about I try joining it . After all, it's one way of making friends with other bloggers as well. It's going to be exciting. Beyond Crypticness is hosting a contest for every blogger who is interested. It's exciting since it's my first time to join. Beyond Crypticness is giving away Php500.00 to the lucky winner and all Pinoy bloggers are invited. So, if anyone of you wants to join the contest. Just CLICK HERE and you're on... Good luck!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Planning the Unplannable and Focusing on Investments

"I'm tired of planning the unplannable" - Ted Mosby in "How I Met Your Mother"

I feel the same way too. For how many years, I'm always one of those types who plan to do something but in the end, nothing happened. I don't know maybe, things weren't meant to happen, maybe because something came up before the plan was executed or maybe I was attacked by a certain illness called laziness. Things happen for a reason and sometimes, that reason may not go along with your plans.

Last year, I was too excited, just before graduating, I planned on doing something and yes, it was a plan I successfully did but in the end, the outcome was not satisfying. Bottom line is that it was a failure. And it was the biggest failure I've ever experience. I have waisted money and time and to think that I have planned it very well in the beginning. Many would regret it if it ever happened to them but I don't. Why? Because it happens when it happens. Things happen for a reason. It was a mistake but a useful mistake. It was a mistake where I have learned enough and it's done already. Good thing to do is just accept it and look at the bright side. [Anyways, enough of this, I had a post about this whole last-year issue].
What you plan usually doesn't end up the way you want it and that just tiring. So why just let anything happen and stop planning. Instead, just plan the unplannable. Expect the unexpected and be surprise with the outcome.

Monday, May 9, 2011

PACQUIAO-MOSLEY Boxing Match 2011

After defeating Margarito last year and acquiring his 8th championship title, everyone was expecting a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight but due to unexplainable reasons, the pretty boy and undefeated boxer Mayweather declined the idea of the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight.

Instead Pacquaio was then scheduled to fight for Sugar Shane Mosley in the 8th day of May[Philippine time], the same day of Mother's day. Upon the announcement of Pacquiao and Mosley's fight several months ago, many were excited for one reason that Mosley is challenging boxer to fight with because he'd never been defeated through knock out. All of his fight were ended with decision. All were up to the 12th round of the game. It was a challenge for Pacquaio who has punched his way to knock out his previous opponents.

Just yesterday, May 08, 2011, the world witnessed the fight of the year. The world witnessed what supposed to be a super great fight but instead, coming from a personal opinion of an ordinary viewer, it wasn't that great at all. There wasn't much of intense moments of exchange of jobs. Well, it was kind of exciting when Pacquaio had knocked Mosley down in the third round but after that, all I saw were clingings, and slipping of punches. 

I don't blame Pacquaio anyway, I saw the intense desire of giving the audience a good fight. In fact, it was more exciting in the later round when Pacquaio was almost knocked down on the side of the ring. His speed and attack became more offensive. Mosley, on the other side, made some great moves as well but I didn't saw much of it aside from his hard defensive moves which made the match a bit of "hit-me-if-you-can" game.

Anyways, the best part  is that  Pacquaio won which is really obvious and that makes us all Filipinos proud of him.  For Mosley's part, he's a good sport and he's way too different from Pacquaio's opponents. He didn't looked and acted boastful and arrogant like some of Pacquaio's previous opponents.

ALL HAIL FOR THE PINOY CHAMP.... We're proud of you Manny!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Death: Is it Really the End?

I was astounded when I heard the news from TV Patrol about the death of the leader of Al-Qada.

Ten years ago, many lives were devastated by the huge bombing attack of Al-Qada to the World Trade Center. Osama bin Laden, the founder of the terrorist group Al-Qada became one of the top ten list of most wanted fugitives and most wanted terrorist.

Al-Qada, an international terrorist group that made several attacks to different countries because of their beliefs.

And ten years after, the long pursuit to the brain of the terrorist group was ended when Osama bin Laden was  shot and killed by the US Navy seals in a secured private residential compound in Pakistan last May 2, 2011.

Many events happened in this past few weeks, the royal wedding, the beatification of Pope John Paul and then this followed. Finally, the long pursuit of Bin Laden has ended but is it really the end. Will the terrorism end after the death of the leader?

Obama said in is confirmation speech, "Justice is done." Well, maybe yes but what about Bin Laden's subordinates?

Many questions filled my head. Will the terrorism be ended after his death or will it be a beginning of another chapter of terrorism in vengeance for the death of their leader? How many lives will be killed for this unending killing? When will this end?


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