Friday, June 17, 2011

Break Time: Confessions of a Used-to-be Jaywalker

So this is my second break time post. Hooh... I can't believe, it's been a week that I haven't post anything in any of my blogs. My Giants and Elves series is delayed. (Yeah, right, like I have a lot of serious readers there... Well, who knows? Siguro marami rin naman talagang bumabasa non kahit ang dami kong typo. Gosh!!! I miss blogging!)

Anyways, I'm back at school again which is why, I'm not that active with posting blogs. I'm loaded and most of my major subjects are scheduled noon. Some are even 6-9 pm... Noong mga early years ko here in MSU-IIT, one thing na lagi kong ginagawa is tumawid nang kalsada... :-) Obvious ba? hehe...

I grew up in a province so when I moved to a city, one of my dilemmas ay ang pagtawid nang kalsada. Gosh! takot akong masagasaan!. In my first day in college, lagi kong hinahawakan ang t-shirt nang kuya ko because I was scared. He used to scold me and tell me na di dapat ako matakot kapag tumatawid. Sabi niya, "calculate the distance of the vehicles and you'll get to the other side of the the highway!" 

What happened next is that, nagtiis akong umakyat-baba nang overpass... Siyempe, probinsiyana and just 15 years old, takot pa talaga tumawid sa highway na 4 times ang lapad sa kalsada namin sa probinsya... Waaah.... poor me...

But then, that was only me when I was in first year, siyempre, later on, I became a City Girl. With my brother's Distance calculation advice at influence nang mga nakilala at mga naging kaibigan ko, naging expert ako sa tawiran. Hustler sa tawiran kung sabihin nang iba. Mabilis akong lumusot. Para akong si Barea nang Dallas Mavericks... LOL

The truth is I even became a jaywalker. Siyempre marami kaming jaywalker na estudyante. Mga matitigas ang ulo. I know it's wrong pero dala talaga nang katamaran (Yes, I admit, tinatamad din ako to the point na nale-late ako dahil napasobra ang tulog.) na maghanap nang pedestrian lane or umakyat nang overpass, ayun, naging jaywalker ako. worst is that, don pa talaga nagje-jaywalk sa may karatulang No Jaywalking!. 

Eventually, due to personal development and spiritual growth (charrrr...), little by little, i changed myself. i figured that If I continue to be like this, I'd end up being a bad example for my future kids. I don't want to be like that. The law is a law and as a citizen, I want to be responsible.

But then, something is still bothering me.

Back when i was still a jaywalker, there were lots of time na nasisita kaming mga estudyante nang mga Yellow Rangers... I mean, yon bang mga Traffic enforcer. We even call them Tweety Birds sometimes because of their yellow costumes. It's either we ran away from them or ignore them but it was only just this school year na narealize ko, they aren't setting good example to younger people like us...

It's not that i'm blaming them, We people are still the one responsible or our own actions. It's just that, last time when I was taking the overpass, I saw one Ranger na tumatawid-tawid sa highway. It bothered me that i stopped for a while and realized that in they've been jaywalking as well for how many times. Ilang beses ko nang nakita iyon.  

I told myself, this isn't right! Sila nga ang sumisita pero sila rin mismo, lumalabag din sa batas. Jaywalking is against the law. We all know that. Ang sabi pa nang roomate ko, they are authorized. They have power. I doubt it. Para kasing ang navivisualize ko ay isang magulang na pinapangaralan ang anak na huwag magnakaw pero ang magulang mismo ay nagnanakaw. My point is, they are not setting good example. To think that they are respected pa naman. 

It may only be a simple jaywalking. A small thing but my father always says to us "Corruption always starts with small things".

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