Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Harder than Math 71

Suddenly, I just decided on posting a series where I’ll be telling crazy stories about LOVE and these stories are true-to-life stories I have witnessed. This series will be called CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE.
This week’s story is entitled HARDER THAN MATH 71.  It’s one of the unforgettable stories that I laughed out loud when I heard the guy actually say these 4 words “Harder than Math 71”.
Meet Louie. Let’s just put his name that way to protect their private lives. Hehehe… They’re good friends of mine. 3rd year ECE student. He’s brilliant and graduated with honors in his 3-yr technological course before proceeding ECE.
Photo from Image Session

Meet Belle. Marketing freshman. If crazy and awesome can be combined? She’s the perfect outcome. I don’t mean crazy in a negative way. It’s the other way around. LOL. I just hope you understand what I mean.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tatlong Araw Kasama si Rizal

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Abot-tanaw ko na ang Polauan Port ng Dapitan. Sa wakas ay mararating ko na rin ang bayan na tanging sa aklat na Sibika at Kultura ko lamang naririnig. Siyempre, bilang isang AB History na estudyante, interesado rin ako sa maikling panahong ginugol ng paborito kong bayani na si Jose Rizal sa bayan na ito. Kinailangan ko pang pilitin ang pinsan ko na si Leah na samahan ako sa paglalakbay ko upang payagan ako nang aking ama na makapunta sa Dapitan. Nakapagdesisyon na rin kasi ako na gagawan ko nang Thesis ang naging buhay ni Jose Rizal sa loob nang apat na taon niyang pamamalagi sa bayan nang Dapitan.

Ayy… ako nga pala si Josephine Valdez at nasasabik na ako sa kung ano man ang matutuklasan ko sa Dapitan.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I just got my salary last week and I bought a copy of The Hired Wife for my sister who was really eager to have a look with story I wrote... The other book I bought was Veronica Zundel’s Journeying with the Bible, “THE TIME OF OUR LIVES”, a bible study guide.

I promised myself that I would buy a new bible with my first salary however my budget couldn’t afford to buy a new one so I bought a study guide instead. Maybe next time, I can finally buy a new bible.  Anyway, I really like how the book was made.  It contains over 200 reflections and right now I’m through 8 articles of reflections of verses and prayers.

The book was divided into 5 chapters namely, THE TIME MACHINE, OLD TIMES, HARD TIMES, SIGNS OF THE TIMES and TIME TO GO, which truly make sense why the book was entitled TIME OF OUR LIVES. It talks a lot about times and amazing stories as well as lessons and truths that we sometimes deny.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Spoonful of Pick-up Lines

Sharing to you all these funny and stinging spoonful of pick-up lines. Enjoy!!!

Aren’t you tired?
You’ve been on my mind running thousands of miles.

You’re like a Storm,
Because when you left your area of responsibility,
You left my heart in the state of calamity.

I forgot your name, can I call you MINE?

I’m like a statue, I’m stuck staring right at you.

You’re like my dentures.
I really can’t smile without you.

Do you have a map?
I can’t find my way to your heart.

You need a life jacket.
I’m afraid you’ll get drowned by my love.

Are you a Jamaican?
‘Coz JAMAICAN me crazy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#SittieCatesBookContest: Why I Love to Read Books?

Books? They’re my first love. I remember how I would work hard just to be part of the honor’s list in school so my father would reward me with a new book at the end of the school year. At first, it was a box filled with fairy tales, and then a book about the autobiographies of the presidents of the Philippines when I was in 2nd grade. The next books I collected were about histories, trivias and other children stories.

I remember how I would stay at the library and scan the encyclopedia (Yes! I was a trying hard genius before). Usually, I read about animals, flowers, novel authors and scientist. I used to have a notebook filled with interesting trivias about them. I really can’t explain the feeling whenever I have a book on my hand but I just love it. It’s like whenever I get to open a new book, I’m about to take a flight to a new world and I so love the feeling.

The BOOKaholic side of me...:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally, My Very First Tagalog Novel

It's been a month since I last posted. Urrggg... I've been very busy settling my documents at school so I can finally be free from MSU-IIT. I just got my Cum Laude certification and transcript yesterday and this monday, they'll be releasing my diploma. I've also attended my cousin's wedding and right now is spending quality time with my room mates that I'm about to leave behind in my very beloved dormitory in Iligan.

Anyway, I'm not going to be dramatic over my departure from Iligan. I am about to share to you my beloved readers my very first published Tagalog Romance Novel. (Drum roll please...) 

Bookware's My Special Valentine published The Hired Wife just last May 23, 2012 and I've only known about it just last week which made me realize how "not cool" not being online especially when there are important news like this. 

So this story is about Pam(short for Phoemela) who lost her job and was forced to go home and substitute her mother as a secretary in farm where she's going to meet Kaira, the stunning grandson of the owner of the Hacienda and the next thing she knows, she became Kaira's hired wife.

I won't talk much about it since I haven't read the final published book yet and I really want you to read for yourself and I hope you'll enjoy reading the story and feel free to post your comments or reactions here in Blah Blah Notebook.

Actually, I've written and submitted this story late 2010 and finally it's published. It was actually my 2nd manuscript. My first manuscript got rejected. I can't explain how hesitant I was when I clicked the send button of my email when I sent my manuscript and how excited and afraid I was when I opened my inbox and saw the publishers' email. To be honest, I covered my mouth when I read their message telling my that my manuscript was accepted because I really hate screaming. LOL. Para akong kinikilig sa sobrang tuwa no'n. Hahaha.

My advice to other aspiring writers, don't get easily discouraged. Just write and see it turn into something you can hold. Just trust God because He will never fail you. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I really enjoy window shopping online but never really got a chance to order online since I’m still looking for an online shop I can really trust and not that complicated when it comes to payment method and shipping. It’s amazing how Nuffnang seemed to have answered my thoughts by featuring ZALORA in “My ZALORA Wishlist”. Of course, who wouldn’t be thrilled joining the fun? The site really got some awesome stuff from branded names. What’s more amazing is that it’s a Philippine online shop so I guess payment and shipping methods wouldn’t be that hard. Now, I think I know where I’m going to hang-out online for window shopping hobbies… lol…:D

Anyways, they really have a lot of nice RTW, foot wears and cool accessories. Unfortunately, the wishlist is only up to 5 items so though it was really hard to choose, I was still able to come up with my 5 items for My ZALORA Wishlist.

#1... I’m a shoe addict especially when it comes to sneakers. Tretorn Skymra Canvas looks really promising and really looks like could fit to my everyday-me-getup. Besides, I love its simple style and color. It’s totally cool and no need for shoe laces. For someone who is always on the go like me, this one would be very perfect.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Makes a Guy Complicated

All these times, many would say things like "Girls. They're so complicated" , "They're hard to comprehend". Weeeeehhhhh... di nga...

Ni minsan ba, never pumasok sa isip niyo na, "Hello... Boys? They're so complicated too!" . And come to think of it, girls do have reasons why they're unpredictable and hard to comprehend. Girls in nature are moody plus the factor that girls have PMS periods that even them can't help but hate themselves when mood swings starts. How about boys? They blame everything to girls to the point that they can't see themselves doing the same thing and even worst things that makes them complicated.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Month of March

It's been a month since the last time I've posted about the Banana song of the Minions and until now, I still can't memorize the song well.

Now, I just want to share the things that happened last month. 

March was a very busy month, I kind of worked out with thesis and other school requirements for graduation. It's funny to think that we defended our thesis a day before the final passing of grades, bought a dress for my graduation ball a day before the Graduation ball and submitted my application for graduation a day before the Pre - Commencement exercise. And one more thing, we sang the institutes' very first graduation song that was composed for the institute. It was entitled "Ready To Go Beyond".

It was kind of a roller coaster rush. Things happened so fast that I even experienced staying awake for 22 hours, go to school from an overnight work(with our thesis) at my classmates' house without taking a bath and not taking any REAL meals. Until now, I couldn't believe I was able to carry on. Thanks to God's grace. Right now, I feel like I was Supergirl that time.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Banana Song: The Minions Craze

It was just last weekend when I stumbled upon this very cute video of the Minions. The tiny sidekick characters of the movie Despicable Me. I've watched the first movie last December and it was really funny, childish and, unbelievable. How could someone steal the Pyramid or the moon? Silly but still a nice movie.  

Okay, let's get back to the cute characters, the Minions. My dorm mate describes them as something that looks like tiny "Amoxicilin capsules". Really funny. The video is like a teaser for the upcoming movie Despicable Me 2 which is going to be released next year, 2013.  

Now, I really thought that it was only us (me and my dorm mate) who are entertained by that video so I decided to download it and share it with classmates. The following day, when I went to school, I was surprised to hear some of the students singing the Banana Song by the Minions. What's even funnier is to see big guys (literally big guys) singing this songs. 

Anyway, here's the lyrics of the Banana Song. Enjoy singing along with the video below.


We are going to have our final presentation in Filipino next week and we are actually planning of presenting this. Hope it'll be a success. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Mania

Heart's month is finally over. It's MARCHing month now and there's a lot to do especially for those who are going to graduate this month.

Wow! It's such a relief to be able to update my blog. I've been busy these past few weeks because of our thesis and our minor subjects required a lot of assignments, papers and other activities... 

Anyways, this post is my break from all the hectic schedules and stuffs. My latest addiction now is Photography. This is because of our Humanities subject. We've been asked by our instructor to submit photos of different subjects. Here are they. Feel free to comment.. :)

Going Emo with the Shoes

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!!!

I really can't remember how long I have been in Nuffnang but all I know is that, it's really fun with Nuffnang. To be honest, I'm not earning much with it and this is actually my first post about Nuffnang. They've been giving a lot of opportunities to bloggers and silly me, I haven't joined anything yet aside from this one.

Everytime I see Nuffnang ads on my blog, I can't help but smile because I know that it's a good sign. Gosh! I think my traffic is increasing! 

Anyways, I'm not posting to talk about random blah blah blah's about my blog. I just want to greet the Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community. Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!! Wow! 5 years, that's actually a great achievement.

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!

You have certainly entertained a lot of readers and helped a lot of bloggers and advertisers. May you inspire and encourage more bloggers for the many years to come.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart's Day, Sketches and other Trips

Happy Heart's Day dear readers!!!

It's Valentine's day and yet, it wasn't that fun here. Well, maybe because their are still aftershocks of the Typhoon Washi(Sendong). Not to mention that it's been raining for how many days and the soil is in their colloidal suspension (mud). It's frustrating how I try hard jumping from one dry land or rock to another just to keep my shoes clean only to find out when I get to the jeepney, I wasn't that really careful at all.... Grrrrrr....

Anyway, enough about all the negative things I encountered last morning. After all, there were still happy moments. My dorm mate and my sister in CYA gave me a Valentine present... It was really cute...... and.... pink...


Monday, February 6, 2012

Patay na Pangarap (Dead Dreams)

It's kind of strange that I accidentally found ANOTHER piece that I wrote when I was still in high school. LIFE IS LIKE A ROSE was written when I was in my sophomore years. Two years later, I was 15 and in my senior year and was part of our school paper organization "The Pioneer", I was one of the news contributors and the feature writer who wrote Filipino feature articles.  This piece just actually came out of nowhere after hearing news on TV. The moment the news ended, I was already writing as if words just kept on popping out of my head. Anyways, hope my Filipino readers appreciate this piece written by the 15 year old me.

This post is in Filipino so I would like to extend my apology for some of my readers who can't understand it. Feel free to use Google for translation... :D You can also read it in Definitely Filipino. It's my very first post there.

Punit-punit na Pangarap

Napakaingay ng mainit na lansangan...abala ang lahat  sa kanya-kanyang pagpapatakbo ng buhay...negosyo. May ngumingiti, tumatawa, umiiyak na mga bata, may mga tulala at mga paslit na naglalaro lang at walang kamuwang-muwang habang ang mga matatandang ale at mama na nasa malapit lang ay panay ang sigawan at murahan na para bang wala nang bukas.
Ilang segundo lang....     BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM..............................

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is like a Rose

I was 2nd year high school when I first joined Journalism contests. To be honest, I really didn't know how I made it into the Division Schools Press Conference. To think that I was really not that good enough and I never joined any journalism trainings and the write-ups I have made on the pasts were just simple essays about protecting the environment which was for my science class and essays entitled "My Bestfriend" for my English class.

So there I was, in the huge function hall filled with faces of students from different schools. They all looked smart while I looked like a lousy stick sitting on the far end chair along with other students from my school. I was assigned to do the feature writing ENGLISH category. For about an hour, there was a lecture about feature writing and the next hour, I found myself sitting in front of a table with a white paper and a pencil lined up with about 10  students,  competing for the three places of feature writing English category. What we were going to write was a piece entitled "Life is like a Rose". 

7 years later, I found the draft of the piece I wrote for that competition inside an old notebook. I'm older now and still having trouble with my typos, just imagine me when I was 13 so please do excuse my lapses. Have fun reading.


Life is like a rose, do you believe in it?

Friday, January 13, 2012


PICK-UP lines are kind of trending right now in the Philippines. These pick-up lines can be really “corny” but well, it’s kind of funny, to say the least kahit pa madalas na kantiyaw lang ang mga nakukuha nang mga nagdedeliver nito.

Kung meron mang Flip-top which is the modern Balagtasan, where opponents debate through some kind of rapping, meron din Pick-up tournaments kung saan magpapasikat ang dalawang magkakalaban sa isang babae na pagdedeliveran nila nang Pick-up. Sounds familiar? Yeah, right! Bubble Gang na nga ang sinasabi ko. Hehehe, anyway, ano pa bang masasabi ko but that segment of the show really fascinated me. I know, OA na iyong ibang lines and the Defending Champion, Boy Pick-Up (Ogie Alcasid) delivers nonsense lines na walang kaconnect-connect sa tanong niya, I have to say na nakakatawa pa rin siya. Hayaan na natin. Trabaho nila iyon, magpatawa kahit nonsense na. Anyways, I’d like to share some Pick-Up lines that I have collected from some sites, my friends, from TV shows and radios. Have fun reading them friends.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Before anything else, allow me to greet you all...
I was watching this 2008 movie entitled Definitely Maybe starring the green lantern Ryan Reynolds and there is this part when he buys a pack of Marlboro cigarette. The usual government warning printed on cigarette posters and packs is....
This warning is not printed on that cigarrette. Instead, this is what the warning in the cigarette said.

Now, that is what a real warning is. If only this is the official and real warning printed on cigarette posters, then maybe people will have longer lives and kids won't try immitating older people who are not afraid of burning their lungs out.

Hmmmp... Well, at least, even if it was just part of the props, this part of the movie made some kind of impact to smokers.



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