Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reviewing The Fault in Our Stars

I know it’s a bit late to post a review for TFIOS but I’m still having a hang-over from the movie which is really, really not like most of the book-to-movie adaptation where series of things are cut-off and changed. The movie is just like the book. It’s what I actually visualized when I read John Green’s The Fault in our Stars last year.  Well, I didn’t know who would play the roles but Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did the job really great. I can’t imagine anyone else play the role apart from them after the success of this movie.
Photo from IBTimes

I watched the movie on its first day in the cinemas. It was already out in Cebu at June 5. I was actually looking forward to watch Maleficent that night but upon seeing TFIOS on the cinema schedule, I changed my mind in an instant and I forced my office mates to come along. My office mate are not bookworms like me so when I told them that the story is awesome and tear-jerking, they were having second thoughts since they were thinking that I might spoil them and that maybe the movie is not that nice since I kind of have a different taste on some things and they were thinking that I’m more of a sci-fi and superhero movie/book addict than a tear-jerking teenage love story.


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