Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting to Know Ima Vee

I just noticed that I didn't have an About Me widget in any of my blogs. I forgot to add it. I used to put it here in my blog for my first month blogging but then, I really didn't have words to describe myself  which is why I removed it. And then I just saw Kraehe's last post in my dashboard[in the blogs I'm following section] which reminded me that I removed my About Me widget.

So I guess, I'm not going to put the About Me widget again for now since I still don't have a right description in mind but then this post will give you, my readers some idea about who really is Ima Vee:

My Name: Ima Vee           [My pen name which means I'm a Vee and Vee stands for the first letter of my REAL last name...I hope the former emcee of the Math contest I joined read this and find out the my name is not reneboy...hmmmpp]

My Hometown: Dapitan City, Philippines

Describe my body:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....????? [thinking], 5'4"...I'm skinny and no matter how much I eat, I don't gain weight. Is 30 considered flat-chested??? Waist????? 24....... Hips??????? Don't ask... :-( P.S.... Don't ask my weight. 

My Hobbies: Draw and play with my brush and pen. Play guitar, keyboard. Surf the internet, write, and make fun with my nephew until he cries...LOL[not that harsh]:]


Food: I'm all smiles if there's Fried Tilapia or Bangus in the table.

Movie: The latest? It would be Three Idiots. All time favorite.....The Passion of Christ.

Books: Many to mention. Such books include The Princeton Murders, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Tagalog Pocketbooks, Tyler Series, Alamat ng Gubat :-], etc. and of course the Bible.

Authors: I can't pick one... J.K. Rowling, Lurlene Mcdaniel, Lisa Gardner, Bob Ong, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gilda Olvidado, etc. and of course, tadadadada..... Ima Vee[even she makes a lot of typo in her posts...LOL]

Songs: I'm into alternative rock and OPM songs and pop songs sang by girls with lyrics that make sense of course. Doesn't matter if it's new or not. Sometimes, I found myself listening to RNB and ballad. Some of my favorites are Stop and Stare, I'm Like a Bird, Come Back Down, perfect Memory, Say Forever, Playing God and many others. But my all time favorite is A1's One Last Song.

Artists/Bands: Nelly Furtado, Sixpence None Richer, remy Zero, One republic, Faber Drive, paramore, Eraserheads, MLTR [I'm also a fan of the 90's], Westlife, A1 Lifehouse, Dashboard Confessional, Bruno Mars, Rico Blanco, Sarah G., Regine V., Avril Lavigne, Ogie A., demi Lovato, ahhhhhh.... Alison Krauss, Juris F., Simple Plan, Ely Buendia, Secondhand Serenade.... SO MANY OTHERS...
P.S. I sometimes sing along with Lady Gaga and Beyonce... LOL... that's a secret.

Drinks: I love Fresh Milk.... sometimes coffee.

T.V. Shows: For now, I love watching MYX and UFC in Studio 23 and Justice League of course.

DVD Series: Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Smallville, Prisonbreak

Snack: Skyflakes with Tuna[either hot and spicy flavor or flakes in oil] French Fries dipped in ice cream.

Anime Series: Naruto... Lovely Complex and Rosary Vampire

  • I can't sleep with pillows under my head. I don't know why.... hmmmppp...
  • I don't sleep lying with my back flat on the bed. It's the other way around. Gets?
  • I eat hot rice mixed with raw eggs. Ever heard of it? My roommates before didn't like seeing me eating those.
  • After my school uniform in high school, I don't like wearing skirts. I feel gay. But definitely, I'M NOT A LEZ... 100 percent Girl. The last time I wore skirt was in my older brother's wedding. never happened again. 
  • Sometimes, when I get bored, I read my book upside down.
That's all for today... For any questions, just leave it on your comments.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My History of Internet

No words can explain the hassle of my dilemma with my connection now since I have works to be done that really include straight internet connection.
Starting last week, my internet connection had been really rough. After downloading wi-free software and buying it's code for about 12 USD, here I am, still using my prepaid broadband connection because of the unknown reason of frequent disconnection with wi-free. It was introduced to me by a friend from Triond. I don't blame her anyway since both of us experienced the same dilemma with wi-free and she said it was her first time to experience that long problem with the connection since she was already using it since last month and she's a dear friend as well.

Anyway though I've been really frustrated and sad, I chose to consider the positive side and think that because of the frequent disconnection, I had enough time to relax and sit back. Eat, rest and have enough sunlight. During those times that I did nothing with the hassle internet, I got to think, how did internet became a part of my routine?

Rewind....four years ago, I know nothing about the internet and the world wide web. True but I'm a computer savvy. I learned to use the computer since third grade and that's year 1998.  Back in the 90's, there were no internet shops in our small town and my older brother and sister only had internet in their school computer laboratory. Well, what should we expect in a third world country? They were the one who taught me with all the basic tricks in the computer. Being a computer savvy even helped me earn enough for my school uniform in high school. LOL. But when it came to internet, I knew nothing. When it came to researching for school projects, I had Encarta and Britannica Encyclopedia installed in my computer and I was patient enough to visit the library. In fact, it's my hide-out.

Then I went to college and moved to a larger city six hours away from my hometown. and lived in a small boarding house. The small town girl was turning into a city girl. The university was surrounded with plenty of internet shops with hour rates of 10-15 PHP per hour but I really never even turned my head  towards those shops. I thought, all of those shops were only for computer online gaming. Besides, I was contented with my older brother doing the researches for me. Then, my brother bought me my first Flash disk. And he knew my favorite color, Red and it was a bit simple but chic Transcend one.

Then, I had a project for our laboratory work in one of my subjects and my brother was too busy with his work so I got no choice but finally step into the door of the nearest internet shop with my roommate and my roommate's classmate who was and still is my friend too. It's funny because I didn't even know what to do with Firefox and what address should I type. I started Friendster-ing and got interested with the tricks I learned in Photobucket and all the CSS designs. I can say now that, my internet history started with friendster. What happened next was the enjoying downloading of movies, you tube videos, mp3s, ebooks and tutorials of programming stuff. As the years go by, I learned more and more internet tricks.
The flashback really made me smile. I turned out way too far from the small town girl who knew nothing about internet and even more savvy than my sister who registered my friendster account and my roommate who taught me the tricks of CSS...LOL [I hope I didn't sound like bragging]... and it's even more awesome how that small town girl turned out to be  earning again out of the thing she used to know nothing about. LOL   

HUHHH...[sigh] now... how I wish my internet connection becomes steadier now...

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Creation Of New Blog

I originally made this blog for personal posts like thoughts and poems that I can't publish on Triond and created Giants and Elves blog for the compilation of the Giants and Elves series which was made possible because of a bet me and my silly brother who challenged me into doing one of a fantasy fiction story and right now I'm still on the process of writing the parts and editing the typo errors on the posts there. 

To be honest, I have already published articles in Triond. There are lots of them in different categories and some of them are even displayed in the Triond widget in the left sidebar of this blog. Now I've been thinking, how about creating another blog. Not that I'm not contented with my blah-blah-blahs in this blog but I've been thinking that since this blog is made to express my personal thoughts, how about making another one that would discuss on other things and not just my personal thoughts and memoirs. I'm talking about things like techie stuff like reviews on websites, games, computer softwares, technology-related, movies, music, products and other extra agendas on the net that include earning extra income in the net. 

I'm making this one to link some of my Triond articles that discuss some reviews on softwares and to share my insights on other websites I have stumbled upon. And of course, to share PC games that I've been playing and movies and music that I watch and listen to.

I named my new blog Web Footprints. I got the design of the template from btemplates where there are lots of templates bloggers can choose. I chosed the side-blog design because of the plainness of the design which is way to different from the my other blogs which are customized and themed with dark colors which usually is black. With some HTML tricks I've learned on the net, I have added some widgets on it.

If you are interested, feel free to visit my new blog.... WEB FOOTPRINTS....

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Name is Not Reneboy

My mother just found my math reviewers back in highschool. It was tuck under the old folders in the lowest shelf of our book shelf and she told me to bind it all for future uses of my nephews and niece.
She left me sitting on the floor and arranging all the reviewers when a memory flashed back into me.

I was in my first year in high school. To be honest, I'm not that good with math. It just happened that I was studious enough to understand which was way too different with my bestfriend who was also my classmate that time and is a math wiz since birth until now. We reviewed our way from district competition to division competition. We were a team.

I smiled as I remembered the day of the competition. The emcee walked towards the stage and there we were sitting infront of a desk facing the stage. The emcee was announcing the names of the participants and me and my best friend was the last announced. Her name was mentioned first. She stood and faced the audience and then sat again. I took a deep breath to keep myself calm before the emcee would call my name. The emcee mentioned my last name first so I stood up and then the emcee mentioned my first name... She said... " Vee, Reneboy ".

U-oh... I didn't know what I felt upon hearing that name. my mind was shouting. My name is not Reneboy. I could hear my best friend giggling and the other participants smiling staring at me. I turned to look for our coach. How could she wrote my name that way?   I thought to myself. Am I really that gay?

The competition ended. We ended up fourth place but the thought of my name RENEBOY didn't end. I went home thinking who was wrong. The emcee not reading my name right, or my coach not writing my name right. lol...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Friendship Algorithm

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is one of my favorite funny actors. He suits the role he plays in the television series The Big Bang Theory. It's amazing how people with high IQs can be really funny and the series really shows it. Facts versus opinions. Brain versus heart.

Another thing I like about this series is the collection of t-shirts Dr. Sheldon Cooper wears every episode. The prints are really cute and amazing. From scientific equations to logic sayings to justice league characters. One time, while searching for a wonderful picture to print for a t-shirt, I stumbled upon this photo. The Friendship Algorithm which really made me giggle. Well, I remembered the episode and it made me smile thinking that.. "Thanks God, I'm just normal."

Well, the character of Dr. Cooper is just a fiction but let's face, there are people who are similar to the character. Those people includes those highly intellectual who think they are so superior.

Friendship doesn't need an algorithm, it just happen without you planning. If this algorithm is to be followed, i'm sure i'll never have a true friend.


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