Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Post-it Doodles

I drew it while I was on a meeting.
A quote from the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie. I missed the word "were" in the sentence.

This was inspired by a Wattpad story Until He Return by jonaxx
a tagline from the book The Love Detective
The slogan of Nerdfighters
Work can be really stressful at times. Not just sometimes but most of the times. You got tons of emails to read and reply. Not that I'm exaggerating with the word "Tons" but it just seems that emails won't stop coming with different matters concern. Then you have to answer every calls and at the same time listen to your boss gab about stuff he needs you to finish. Wow! Just Wow! Not that I'm complaining but it helps to release some little "hinanakit" sometimes.

As for me, I don't let stress eat me. Yes, we feel irritated with simultaneous demands from bosses, clients and other workmates but thanks God, I get by. I still smile.What I do to release the irritating demands of work.. I doodle.. A LOT. Even in meetings.. hehe.. or when i feel confuse with what Im working on. It actually helps clear my mind and it eases the tension in the brain. Not that it has any scientific basis but that is what I feel though.

Anyway, this post is just to show off my doodles. Most are book quotes and movie quotes. I'm a nerd hidden behind my very formal office uniform and heels.. Lolx.

See more of my doodles in my instagram... 

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