Monday, November 21, 2011

The Notebook Finally Got Its Own Domain

No... no... no... I'm not talking about Nicholas Spark's novel, The Notebook. I'm talking about this very own blog, no other than, The Blah Blah Notebook. I finally got my own domain just last Saturday. Now that I remember, It's my blog's anniversary this month. I honestly forgot about it. I would've never remember it if i haven't seen my archives. Woooahh... The Blah Blah Notebook is finally one year old... 

Though my page rank went down from PR1 to PR0 now, well at least it'll soon work out fine specially now that I already have my own domain purchased from Go Daddy.

Hopefully, I'd get to  buy domain for my two other blogs which are, as for the moment are not yet updated.


  1. COngrats ate! :)

    Bakit po bigla na lang nagla-land sa ibang page tong blog nyo? :|

  2. Congrats partner, more power to your site :)

  3. @coffeefreak: hindi ko pa napafinalize ang site... paiba-iba isip ko sa design...

  4. Great blog and post, keep it up i will be subscribing to your feed!

  5. That is simply a great news!!! Congratulations!!!



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