Thursday, November 3, 2011


One of best rules in the constitution that can be applied in real life: "never assume unless stated".  
-In life, sometimes we tend to expect and assume too much. Too much things that in the end, we end up being hurt. This is a poem about expectations, assumptions, being fooled and realizing mistakes and lessons we learn. A poem about such stated in a narrative love story type. -
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He was a junior and I was in my freshmen year
Told me he loved me but I didn't care
I was so young and I had my priorities
That I had no time for anything unless it's for my studies.

We became friends instead; went to many competitions.
We held hands without any malicios intentions.
Laughed on things that didn't make any sense.
We had mutual understandings. Relationship that made no sense.

Time passed and soon he graduated.
Distance was not a problem for we still communicated.
Days weren't complete without his messages,
Even a simple smiley could light up my face.

Then I went to college and I thought I was ready
We continued what we had and acted like crazy.
We were not on a commitment we acted like one
and I thought we really are one.

We had something special, I really thought there was,
We'd even talk on the phone for hours.
Greeted each other in every special days
but never did we talk about anything related to our case.

But then came one night that brought me to tears
When I happen to come across with a common friend.
Asked me if we really were a couple back in the days of highschool.
I denied for we really weren't. We were friends. We were cool.

I never told him we were still communicating
Asked him how things are going on with him
and then the truth was unraveled,
he was already with some other girl.

It hurts to think that I expected too much.
I was crazy to think we were more than just friends. Too much
of my time was wasted thinking about him.
Spent times of crying just because of him.

To think that we were still communicating
Flirted like we really had a thing
Never thought he was making a fool out of me.
I thought we really were happy.

Sad to say but I was really stupid that time.
Wasted too many times.
In the end, one lesson is learned.
Never assume unless stated.


  1. awww! are you describing me ate vee? Because that's what I feel right now. (slight)

  2. hindi ah...wala naman akong alam sa story mo... may kakilala kasi tapos ganito ang nangyari sa kanya... buti pinayagan niya akong iblog ang story niya... hehe



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