Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is like a Rose

I was 2nd year high school when I first joined Journalism contests. To be honest, I really didn't know how I made it into the Division Schools Press Conference. To think that I was really not that good enough and I never joined any journalism trainings and the write-ups I have made on the pasts were just simple essays about protecting the environment which was for my science class and essays entitled "My Bestfriend" for my English class.

So there I was, in the huge function hall filled with faces of students from different schools. They all looked smart while I looked like a lousy stick sitting on the far end chair along with other students from my school. I was assigned to do the feature writing ENGLISH category. For about an hour, there was a lecture about feature writing and the next hour, I found myself sitting in front of a table with a white paper and a pencil lined up with about 10  students,  competing for the three places of feature writing English category. What we were going to write was a piece entitled "Life is like a Rose". 

7 years later, I found the draft of the piece I wrote for that competition inside an old notebook. I'm older now and still having trouble with my typos, just imagine me when I was 13 so please do excuse my lapses. Have fun reading.


Life is like a rose, do you believe in it?

Rose is full of thorns and life's like that. Full of trials and difficulties. Sometimes, you want to give up because of losing hope but just like a rose, a lovely flower, you'll going to grow and bloom though thorns are around you.
Rose symbolizes many things and one of it is love which usually happen to our lives. People all over the world always feel that. Like a rose that just blooms in the garden, love just bloom in our life without any single word. Sometimes rose grows beautifully in the garden, sometimes not. Love sometimes grow in our individual hearts and sometimes, it doesn't.
Life is like a rose. Rose are given rooms or in other word, a home to grow. Life is like that. We are given a room to grow, to bloom and to spread our knowledge and everything that we know. Rose is given water to drink and to absorb. Life is like that too. We are given water in order to survive. Rose is given food and life's like that. Rose is given special attention and life's like that. We are given special attention of course and that's in order for us to feel that we are here, living in this fast moving earth.
And that what makes life like a rose. Now do you still doubt to this qoute? "Life is like a rose".

I can't help smiling while reading this piece written by the 13 year old Ima Vee. The truth is that I was actually singing A1's "Like A Rose" in my mind while writing this piece during the competition and what's funny is that, I actually won 3rd place during that writing... :)

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