Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart's Day, Sketches and other Trips

Happy Heart's Day dear readers!!!

It's Valentine's day and yet, it wasn't that fun here. Well, maybe because their are still aftershocks of the Typhoon Washi(Sendong). Not to mention that it's been raining for how many days and the soil is in their colloidal suspension (mud). It's frustrating how I try hard jumping from one dry land or rock to another just to keep my shoes clean only to find out when I get to the jeepney, I wasn't that really careful at all.... Grrrrrr....

Anyway, enough about all the negative things I encountered last morning. After all, there were still happy moments. My dorm mate and my sister in CYA gave me a Valentine present... It was really cute...... and.... pink...


I went to school and became quite busy for a moment for our projects and the upcoming Regional Skills Competition tomorrow. Two of my members in our thesis group are competing. I just hope, they'll win so we'll have additional funds for our thesis.. haha

It's quite tiring also in a way that my classes would end up until 9 pm and I don't have a choice but stay still, sit and listen to our professor tackle about engineering management. (sigh) Sometimes, hunger and being tired leads to this.... Sketch funny figures... Okay, Ladies and Gents, I'd like you to meet the very famous.... BUDOY!!!!

Anyway, enough of my extra-curricular student activities during classes. It's Valentine's and before February 14 ends, I'd like to share this verse.

So before I end this blog, I'd like to share this video I saw from Sittiecates' blog

Hope you enjoy!!! Happy Valentine's Day... :D

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