Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!!!

I really can't remember how long I have been in Nuffnang but all I know is that, it's really fun with Nuffnang. To be honest, I'm not earning much with it and this is actually my first post about Nuffnang. They've been giving a lot of opportunities to bloggers and silly me, I haven't joined anything yet aside from this one.

Everytime I see Nuffnang ads on my blog, I can't help but smile because I know that it's a good sign. Gosh! I think my traffic is increasing! 

Anyways, I'm not posting to talk about random blah blah blah's about my blog. I just want to greet the Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community. Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!! Wow! 5 years, that's actually a great achievement.

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!

You have certainly entertained a lot of readers and helped a lot of bloggers and advertisers. May you inspire and encourage more bloggers for the many years to come.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!




  1. Galing! :) Good to know na sumali ka pala ate! :)

    Wala ako ma-isip na matinong maipost eh kaya pass muna! :) Sumali ako nun sa Nuffnang Survey and then in few days, may nakita na akong 100 sa earnings ko! :)

    Kunti na lang, malapit ko ng maabot! :) Ayeeee.
    Patience lang ate. Been with Nuffnang in 2 years already! :) Grabe, nilagyan ko na lahat ng blog ko ng Nuffnang. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. @CoffeeFreak:

    hi Eds! thanks for paying a visit. hahaha! wala na kasi talaga akong ibang maisip na ipost then I saw yong latest blog nila kaya ayon. Try2 na lang...hehehe...

    As in? malapit mo na maabot? Good for you! Congrats... :)



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