Sunday, May 6, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I really enjoy window shopping online but never really got a chance to order online since I’m still looking for an online shop I can really trust and not that complicated when it comes to payment method and shipping. It’s amazing how Nuffnang seemed to have answered my thoughts by featuring ZALORA in “My ZALORA Wishlist”. Of course, who wouldn’t be thrilled joining the fun? The site really got some awesome stuff from branded names. What’s more amazing is that it’s a Philippine online shop so I guess payment and shipping methods wouldn’t be that hard. Now, I think I know where I’m going to hang-out online for window shopping hobbies… lol…:D

Anyways, they really have a lot of nice RTW, foot wears and cool accessories. Unfortunately, the wishlist is only up to 5 items so though it was really hard to choose, I was still able to come up with my 5 items for My ZALORA Wishlist.

#1... I’m a shoe addict especially when it comes to sneakers. Tretorn Skymra Canvas looks really promising and really looks like could fit to my everyday-me-getup. Besides, I love its simple style and color. It’s totally cool and no need for shoe laces. For someone who is always on the go like me, this one would be very perfect.

#2...I've always wanted to have something that I could top on my sleeveless tops and love the style of GOMBURZA CARDIWRAP. It looks very simple in the front but the laced see-through back just looks sexy and would really fit to any sleeveless top. It’s really chic and I totally like its color. I could really pair it up with my skinny jeans.


#3...It’s blue and it is AXIS for crying out loud. AXIS AH1130-308 looks classical and could really fit to anything you wear. I just hope, it’ll fit in my wrist if ever I get a chance to have this.
AXIS AH1130-308

#4...Fourth on my list is this Missy V-neck 3/4 sleeved blouse. I like this one for its descent look. It would be great to use it for my job interview if ever I get to have this one or wear it on Sunday in church. It’s simple yet elegant and would be greater if paired with skinny jeans and pumps. I think, every woman who wears something like this would simple look descent and well-respected.

#5...Lastly, I’ve been planning to buy one for my Acer notebook but haven’t had time to buy one. Anyway, I chose Europak Warsaw Vertical Laptop sleeve because of its unique style. I really haven’t seen any vertical laptop bags in any computer stores. Maybe, only few sell types like this. I like its design and looks like I could use it not just for the netbook but for other stuff that needs to be with me all the time. I think it has a lot of space for other things… haha


Wow... That's it. My top 5 ZALORA items I would really love to have..

So, for you ladies and gents looking for a perfect Philippine online shop, See you at ZALORA. :)



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