Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Makes a Guy Complicated

All these times, many would say things like "Girls. They're so complicated" , "They're hard to comprehend". Weeeeehhhhh... di nga...

Ni minsan ba, never pumasok sa isip niyo na, "Hello... Boys? They're so complicated too!" . And come to think of it, girls do have reasons why they're unpredictable and hard to comprehend. Girls in nature are moody plus the factor that girls have PMS periods that even them can't help but hate themselves when mood swings starts. How about boys? They blame everything to girls to the point that they can't see themselves doing the same thing and even worst things that makes them complicated.

I have two brothers and most of friends are guys. Some of them even tell me that I'm already one of the boys but unfortunately, I'm sure I'm 100% girl no matter what they say, maybe a bit boyish but still a girl, maybe not that girly-girl but still a girl. Whatever. Anyway, here is a list of things that I have observe with guys. What makes them complicated.


  • What they plan isn't what they do. Personally, guys are really great when it comes to leadership and planning. I, myself believe in this. Of course, they're the foundation of our homes. However, there are still things that I think are really hard to comprehend. One thing is this. All activities are planned out. They have this steps they do to get to something. They are simply great in planning ahead and arranging important matters in life BUT try to look at their bedrooms. MESSY as ever! Laptops are open. Shirts and pants on the floor. Left-overs of food they have eaten and lots of other things that makes their room look like some sort of a World War 2 battlefield.
  • Mr. Assuming. When girls are being nice to them, they'll think they're flirting with them and when girls don't mind them, they'll think they're playing hard to get o nag-iinarte lang. When a gir asks if he has a girlfriend, iisipin agad that she's interested on him. Interested agad? Di ba pwedeng nagtatanong lang?  Over ha! 
  • Denial Kings -  who says girls are the only one who knows how to deny? They easily forget the things the say. One minute they stick to one decision and then later denies he ever made the decision. He promises and later on forgets and denies he ever promised anything. And lastly, GIRLS! Can I have your attention please? He tells you he's single when his Facebook status is "in a relationship with whoever-she-is". Gotcha!!! Lulusot ka pa ha! Oh ano? Gusto mo suntukan na lang! Girls! Beware! 
  • Do to others what they don't want to do unto them. My guy classmates usually hang-out on our building's lobby sight-seeing Nursing students who would pass by specially when it's Saturday when the nursing students won't wear their usual white uniforms. They would rate them 1-10 and then when someone gets past 6, they would sing Nicki Minaj "Super bass" in chorus or Shamrocks "Kaysarap". But try asking them about ranking their younger sisters, their girlfriends or worst, their mothers dahil siguradong magsuSUPER-SAYAN ang mga pagmumukha nila.
  • They usually think like and love are the same. Not all of them of course but most of the guys that I know think their the same. One even said "Like? Love? What's the difference?". Girls! Any supporting details? Feel free to comment.
  • What they say isn't what they do. My thesis group-mate who happens to be my seatmate on my Literature class before commented on the poem "Frankie and Johnny". I was joking at my other seatmate who used to be one of my group-mate in my Diploma Course Special Project telling him not to be a two-timer and start acting seriously with his girlfriend then my other seatmate(the one first mentioned) supported me by saying that it's really bad to have two girlfriends at the same time. He said it's terrible at sinabi pa niya na talagang mabilis daw ang karma. I joked at him saying that maybe he'd already experienced na karmahin because of being a two-timer which he actually admitted. He said he won't do it again BUT THEN, right now, it is not what he's doing. [sighs] What a guy! 
  • Girls should be blamed. I have a friend who really is bitter when it comes to a relationship. Kaw ba naman ang magulpi at gawing 2nd boyfriend. Wow! Now, all he talks about are ladies. It seemed like he wants to be some kind of a playboy. Trying-hard masyado. Then, one time, they had this argument with my girl classmate about who sinned first. He, along with our guys insisted that girls should be blamed while we, girls defended ourselves. He said that if girls wouldn't wear vulgar clothes then they wouldn't be tempted. Not that I'm really defending those kind of girls but really, men wear vulgar clothes too. It's just up to those who look and think of malicious things. Remember: A temptation isn't a sin unless you give in. 
  • War Freak.  They may look sweet for sometime but once you get to know them more, you'll realize. They are like girls too. MOOD SWINGS... hahaha... one moment, their happy and then without any warning, they freak out. Be careful when they become silent. It's either their thinking of something important or they're mad.
  • Gossip Girls...oppss... Gossip Boys.  Since most of my classmates and close friends in college are guys, I often hang out with them and realized... Wow!!! If girls gossip a lot, boys do too and it's terrible because all they gossip about are girls. When that happens, I usually give them a terrorizing look. At least, they should respect women.
  • Secretive. They say girls are the only ones with a lot of secrets because girls gossip a lot... Weeehhh... di nga...Boys are really hard to read. They're not that vocal about things that are relating to their feelings emotion. Maybe because, men are expected to strong and not someone that is soft in the inside. Anyway, they are secretive and really terrible liars. They'll say they're fine when they're not. They'll say their not mad even if deep inside, they want to unleash the HULK in them. All because they want to keep their secret to themselves.
GUYS!!!! Don't get me wrong. I just wrote what I have observed. Anyways, I'm not generalizing all of you. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magalit. Remember: Ang pikon ay laging talo. They're still AWESOME and protective especially to their friends. I'm glad I have them. They're like brothers to me.

GIRLS!!! Be understanding but keep your guards up! 
PEACE.. :)


  1. Looks like there are a lot of reasons to make men complicated.

  2. Couldn't agree more about the fact that I think men have mood swings too!

  3. How about the fact that they are guys? I always check out all the Ohio public records before getting together with a guy here in Ohio

  4. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know
    a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but instead of that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read.
    I'll certainly be back.
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