Thursday, September 4, 2014

Book Review: There's No Mistaking Me

Title: There’s no Mistaking Me by Thyraellis Howard
Publication Date:  February 11 2014
Rating: 1 of 5
Source: Book Review Request
Format: PDF
Publisher: Createspace

---For those who grew weary of the same story line that you have read throughout your childhood to the point where you’re an adult, this book is for you. The mix of lust and death comes as a surprise and is not easily predicted like in most books. The mental state of the characters is portrayed in their actions. Most of the characters are based on real people and most but not all events have taken place. The places and portrayed people are real but it’s all based on an over aware dream. ---


I refuse to believe that this book is for me. No offense to the author Ms. Thyra, the blurb doesn’t tell anything about the plot of the story. It just describes the book like it is some kind of a review. The blurb is the review itself.

Anyways, reading the book, I felt like I’m some kind of a criminal profiler like one of those guys in Criminal Minds(I’d like to be Dr. Spencer Reid). It’s like putting yourself into the head of a criminal. It’s weird, wicked and creepy but I think that’s indeed a talent for the author. It just needs further expounding and elaboration. 

It’s a short story that made me confuse. One moment, I’m guessing that the protagonist, Trymory, has some mental issues, then the next thing is I thought she’s a special agent, then a criminal, then an assassin (well…because of her love for weapons and naming a crossbow Juliet) until I’m not sure anymore. Her character is definitely unpredictable and confusing.

Now, let’s get technical:

There are some points that made me rate this book this way. I don’t hate it. I just think that it needs further furnishing and improvement.
  • Sorry, but it wasn’t edited well. There are lots of typographical and grammatical errors. I even thought that the copy given was only a draft copy.
  • Every sentence starts with “I” did that…, “I” did this. Its redundancy makes it a bit annoying.
  • The point of view is confusing. It was hard to recognize who was talking. There’s Mera and then there’s Trymory until it all became mixed up.
  • There was no growth in the story. It was plain consistent of being plain. ???
  • Reading it was like listening to friends spreading rumors “She said I am like this and like that and I answered No, I’m like this and that”. I found myself lost.

I just want to tell Ms. Thyra “There’s always a room for improvement! You’re talented Girl! Keep on writing!”

1 star for now!!


  1. okaaayyyy... i'm also confused... so never mind O.o

  2. ha-ha... that makes the two of us lai... :)

  3. Oh my! This does look confusing! Assassin, criminal, agent? Oookaay. Sorry it wasn't for you, girl. And, yeah, I agree that that blurb is unusual.

    1. Yeah. I'm just glad that it wasn't too long because otherwise, I might have DNFed it.



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