Tuesday, November 17, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Christmas is round the corner. Everybody should be excited. Students look forward for the long vacation. Kids look forward for the gift giving. Parents look forward for the time the whole family comes together. And of course, it's a season to remember the birth of the Lord. Yes! Indeed, everybody should be excited.

However, it's undeniable how December also means Year-End and in the corporate world, it's the busiest time of the year. Year ending reports, forecasts, budget meetings and all but these hectic schedules and work should not hinder our excitement for Christmas. It shouldn't steal the energy we have. Too much stress becomes illness and illness means a "sad face" on the big 25. We can't afford being sick during parties, right?

So this time, let me share my 5 tips on how to boost your immunity during the Holidays and avoid stressing out.

Image result for 1PRAY
Always start your day with a prayer. Remember: A prayer a day keeps the bad vibes away. Reflect and always believe in everything that is positive. Sometimes, people tend to be stressed too much because of the negative thinking. So, PRAY.


That muscles that have been stiff from the whole day sitting in front of the computer seriously needs some stretching man so always make time to energize them. Muscles get stressed as well when they're bored doing nothing. It can cause you pain.


Find time to rest. Every worker deserves a rest. Take this time to calm your mind, think and de-stress. Most don't get sick because of hunger or sudden sickness. Most of them just didn't have enough rest.


Always remember to put order in everything that you do. List things down and filter the priorities. YES! It's hard at first but once started, everything comes to place.

Keep everything you eat on track. Healthy and just right. Be careful with the junk foods and all. Nourish yourself and of course, protect yourself and strengthen your immunity with Fern-C. Fern-C is an immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant. There are so many ascorbic acid supplements in the market nowadays but what makes Fern-C better is that it is a Sodium Ascorbate. With Sodium in it, it counters the acidity of ascorbic acid which usually cause stomach irritation. Also, it dissolves faster than the usual ascorbic acid. It also stays longer in the body than the ascorbic acid which because of its acidity nature, more of it is flushed down from the body compared to Sodium Ascorbate which is about 90% being absorbed. So what are you waiting for? Include FERN-C in your daily diet. Boost your immunity this Holiday season. 
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There... I hope these tips help. We can't afford to be sick on the holidays, right? Have a healthy holiday and Stress-free Christmas everyone.

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  1. Im so curious about how this one would turn out. time to order, i guess! great post.



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