Monday, April 4, 2016

We Are All Superman

DC Comics' Batman vs. Superman just started showing last Easter. Me, my brother and my nephew and niece didn't miss it of course. A battle of two heroes who thought wrong of each other. How sad but reality says, all people make mistakes. No matter how super they may be (fiction aside).

Watching this movie didn't just struck me because of the wonderful effects it has. Or how amazing Superman's costume is. It just reminded me of God, the source of our love, our strength, our all.


 Philippians 4:13 is one of the most remembered verse that actually is straight to the point reminder of an eternal reality. And that is, that indeed, the Lord is our source of our strength.

Watching the latest Batman vs. Superman made this verse pop up in my mind like a flashing light but I'll just focus with Superman. I realized that we are all Superman. Not because we can wear a flashy red and blue costume anytime we like but more than that.

What are the abilities of Superman?
* Strength of 10 men
* Do things in a speed of bullet.
* He can fly.
* X-ray vision and can shoot fire with our eyes.
* Super hearing

If these are just the basis to become a Superman, then I believe we are qualified to be a Superman. We have a lot of capabilities. We have a lot of potentials and we are not even aware of some of the abilities we can do. More than physical strength, we've endure stress, emotional times, heartaches, failures and other tough times. I believe it's even stronger than having the physical strength of ten men.

Fast? We love without slowing down. Isn't that being fast already? To love and forgive without hesitation. Fast to lend a hand to those who are in needs. Deciding to help is surely faster than a speeding bullet.

We have a heart that listens intently more than what our ears can hear; eyes that shoots compassion and sees beyond actions, sensitive to understand.

Each one of us have different talents that makes us uniquely who we are; talents that inspire others; that empowers others; which glorifies the Lord.

But along with strength are our weaknesses; our "KRYPTONITES" called fear, doubts, pride and their relatives. They're the ones that hinders us in reaching our full potentials. It draws us down.

However, in our weakness, we have a "SUN" named God that always, always, recharges us. His grace is sufficient to strengthen us to endure the attacks of our kryptonites. And only through Him do we can make all things possible.

Our Kryptonites will always be there. But the more our Sun will stay with us. The Sun is much bigger than a piece of green crystal. Yes! Life is tough. Our weaknesses are tough! But our God is much tougher.

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