Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing Beats College

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Who said college is just like clicking a mouse?
For sure, those who said it are those who just stay in their house.
They do not know how not cool college is.
It's like climbing a mountain with only a string on your waist.

Nothing beats college, that's how to make the story short..
That's how to summarize your hardbound thesis paper
Yeah..Right.. You made it because of your HARDBOUND DETERMINATION..

That is how to prove the equation a=b
Yeah..right... Just apply your super calculus blast
and a couple of derivations then you'll get the answer
you keep looking for, the great NOSEBLEED..

That's how to simulate your electronic circuit..
Sure.. Just connect the terminals here and there..
And then? You get CONNECTION ERROR..

That's how to calculate the boiling point of Sodium Hydrochloride..
Come on.. What's the use of your 991 MS Calculator or is it ES rather?
Answers are just some press away..
Is SYNTAX ERROR that difficult to write in your answer sheets?

That's how to describe your sophisticated classmates
who wear christmas tree outfits everyday and shimmy-shimmy
lip-glossed barbie make-ups.
Yeah.. Speak it out.. That's the synonym for SHINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDID.

That's how to evaluate those guards in their fortress, the guard house..
Got no ID? Pimp up your smile.. Flick and then wave and seconds later,

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And lastly, who said only actors know how to walk out of the show?
Professors know too..


  1. college lyf is serious but it is indeed enjoyable.

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