Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Brother's Pants

My brother was on a hurry. He had to attend to our older brother's wedding. So after arriving from China, he left all his baggage in his boarding house and went shopping for new pants and shirt for the wedding. He hated bringing too much baggage so he took his flight with nothing but the Polo Shirt and the pants he bought and a bag of chocolates for our nephews and niece.

Three months later, he came home for christmas vacation. When he was about to leave, he got lazy about his baggage that he left some of his clothes including his three months old pants. I didn't really know what was running in his head that he threw his pants on the bed and said, "It's yours." I didn't know if I would say yes or no. I just didn't answered.

When he was finally finalizing his baggage contents, his pants was still "pending for approval" [LOL] in his bag. I didn't know what went into my mind that I said. [Maybe that makes us really siblings, things just pop up into or heads] "Fine, that's mine already."

So he left and his pants hung in the closet.

Four months later...
Just last week, I had to go to the city to open a bank account. So after taking a bath, I went looking for something to wear only to discover that I already run out of pants. They're all in the laundry. So I rubbled the closet in search for something to wear. I found two skirts, those I used to wear for high school events, skirts that I never wear for already four years and I have no plan of wearing them again unless I'm left with no choice. Finally I found a black freego pants. I grabbed it out and realized it was my brothers pants.

Having no choice, I wore it. After all, it's mine already. Good thing I have a belt to make it fit in my waist. It's quite bigger. It's waistline is bigger than mine and my brother's waist. [My brother waist is something ladylike...LOL... about 27-29?]

I wore it and paired it with my plain gray Lisa Gildan t-shirt. I faced the mirror to check what I looked like and it made sense. I think I know what my brother thought when he gave me his pants. :( 


  1. That's still big for you Ima. Hmmm did your brother think you were getting big around the middle? You have a whistle bait waistline no! As for me, it takes long to find jeans that are good fitting so hand-me-downs just won't do with me.

  2. I wear my brother`s pant and we exchange clothes perfectly, he`s just 2 years younger then me but we look same aged boys:)



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