Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last year was a rough year. Several things happen. Some of them happened the way I expected and most of them happened unexpectedly. I became a loser and a fighter. I failed on the decision I first chose. Things did not happen the way I pictured it last 2009. Was it really the reason or it just happen that I was so carried away by the present that I forgot to plan the future rightfully? Yeah, maybe the latter was right. Maybe the picture I created wasn’t that clear enough. And then, I chose to stay and move on from all the failures and chose not to regret anything about the decisions I made in 2010. I don’t feel any regret about the loser acts I did last year. Why? Because last year, there were things that happened and they would’ve never happen if the thing I expected happened. I did things that I never thought I could do. There were things I thought impossible for me to achieve but I did. I had a clearer mind and I’ve created a plan. My father said “no one is rich enough to buy back time” and I didn’t want to spend that year wasting my time on regretting about my first decisions. I chose to accept everything, the failures, everything. I chose to move on and did things I wanted. In the comfort of my home, I met several people that became my friends. I forgot all the negativities.

So what happened last year?

Many. Many things happened last year and I’ve learn something.  Things happen for a reason and most of these things happen the way you never expected and usually, they happen the way you didn’t wanted. Either way, YOU ALWAYS HAVE CHOICES. You have two choices. Either you chose to be weak and get carried away by all the negativities or chose to accept all the failures, move on and take the positive side. Life isn’t always ups, ups and ups. Sometimes winners become losers and pride isn’t the most important thing in life. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO ADMIT YOU ARE A LOSER TO BECOME A WINNER.

I may not be successful yet but I can say that I’m a winner because I CHOSE TO MOVE ON.
Thanks be to God for the strength He has given me.

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