Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Mania

Heart's month is finally over. It's MARCHing month now and there's a lot to do especially for those who are going to graduate this month.

Wow! It's such a relief to be able to update my blog. I've been busy these past few weeks because of our thesis and our minor subjects required a lot of assignments, papers and other activities... 

Anyways, this post is my break from all the hectic schedules and stuffs. My latest addiction now is Photography. This is because of our Humanities subject. We've been asked by our instructor to submit photos of different subjects. Here are they. Feel free to comment.. :)

Going Emo with the Shoes

Getting Gentle and Well-mannered in Nature

Capture the wings

I see the Light


Messing with the poons..

 I wonder if I have the guts to be good at this... :)



  1. Welcome to the world of frustrated photographers ate. Frustrated ka ba? Ako, oo! HAHAHAHA! :)) Practice lang ng practice using my DG cam! Mas maganda pag afford ko na ang DSLR! HAHAHAHA!

  2. thanks sa dalaw Sir papz and eds... :)



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