Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Harder than Math 71

Suddenly, I just decided on posting a series where I’ll be telling crazy stories about LOVE and these stories are true-to-life stories I have witnessed. This series will be called CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE.
This week’s story is entitled HARDER THAN MATH 71.  It’s one of the unforgettable stories that I laughed out loud when I heard the guy actually say these 4 words “Harder than Math 71”.
Meet Louie. Let’s just put his name that way to protect their private lives. Hehehe… They’re good friends of mine. 3rd year ECE student. He’s brilliant and graduated with honors in his 3-yr technological course before proceeding ECE.
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Meet Belle. Marketing freshman. If crazy and awesome can be combined? She’s the perfect outcome. I don’t mean crazy in a negative way. It’s the other way around. LOL. I just hope you understand what I mean.

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If Big Brother has his house, Madam Landlady has her palace for 13 college students. I’m one of them… hehe. Louie and Belle met in the palace and they became friends. Of course, we all are. We lived in the same place. All girls share the same room. Belle’s bed is next to mine.
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From the title itself, you may think that it all started with Math 71 but it’s not actually. It all started with HUMANITIES 1. They were not classmates but they had the same professor. It’s crazy because they even shared the same Humanities book when studying, which was actually mine. At first, Belle used to call him “Kuya” since he is a senior but later on, the Kuya endearment just disappeared. Why? Because Louie asked her not to call him that and since Belle was crazy(until now..hehe) and she thought it must be because everyone is getting close to each other, she obeyed not knowing that Mr. Used-to-be-Kuya was already having this CRAZY Feeling for her. Oooh… Little Miss-Naïve Belle.
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As what I said, Belle, the Little Miss Naïve, never knew about the feeling until Christmas break came and everyone was kind of preparing for the last exams for the preliminary exams. Louie called her because he wanted to talk. TAKE NOTE: No one in the palace knew about what it was about. Everyone was blind except for Louie’s twin brother Luis and their cousin Josephine(of course, not their real names). He gave her a teddy bear and a rose and confessed and the next thing we knew, Belle ran off to our room and hid at our huge closet and we had no idea what was going on except for Josephine who was actually laughing while Belle was hiding in closet confused and afraid… L
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Nothing happened next since we all went home after that day for Christmas break. Belle was afraid that she never gave him an answer. Actually, she didn’t know what to say anyway. In short, after that, there was silence between them the whole months after. Belle never talked to Louie and Louie never opened it up again to her and pretended that nothing ever happened. When we came back on January, we finally knew.

Math 71. It’s the final stage of Calculus in College. I know all college folks reading this can relate especially those taking up Engineering, Science and Math related courses. Louie and our other palace-mate Biggy was taking it.
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Finals and everyone in the palace was studying for the big days fast approaching. Most of us sat around our rectangular dinner table. The others sat on the sofa while some of the girls including Belle were in the room with the door half-closed. All of us of course have our own mugs of coffee to keep us awake.
Let’s face it, sometimes, when having group studies, we all end up eating snacks and chatting and that’s what actually happened that night. One of the girls opened some topic about love and Louie just suddenly blurted.
                LOVE, IT’S HARDER THAN MATH 71”
All of us burst into laughter after hearing him said it. Even Belle’s cousin, Kurt tapped his shoulder. Those who were seating on the sofa laughed as well and some of the girls from the room came out to ask what was happening and then laughed as well upon hearing it. Louie’s definition of Love eventually reached Belle who herself couldn’t stop herself from laughing.
To be honest, it was actually the corniest thing I ever heard that time but who cares if we find it corny. It was his feeling and we have nothing to do about it.
Maybe that’s what makes LOVE really CRAZY. The feeling is so confusing that it can let you define it in a hardest thing you can imagine like MATH 71 for example for Louie during that finals exam.
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Believe it or not, it took a month before they became friends again and Belle to be comfortable with him again. It took few months before Louie had the courage to confess again and it took a year before Bellefinally gave him her sweet YES and they’re still together until now, getting stronger.



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