Friday, March 27, 2015

VEE Creative: VEE Echo Machine

This month's Vee Creative feature is something I'm really proud of. I'm calling this piece the VEE Echo Machine.  I was so proud of it that I bragged it immediately at +Instagram .


Are you guys familiar with Loud Basstard Well, let me just share a sample pic of that basstard...

There... Familiar now? It's phone holder and speaker made from bamboo. It doesn't really maximize the sound to the highest volume but it can do so in just a small area like in a bedroom or in your office table when you want to distress and listen to your jam while working. That's what I do actually.

What's the difference with Loud Basstard and my Echo Machine? Well... It's not made from Bamboo. And if you're thinking I made some circuitry there because of the word machine, I didn't. I'm already rusty when it comes to electronics (I need some review. (sigh) ) and Machine just sounded cool and funky.  Ohhh-kay, back to Echo Machine.


Simple. It's that thing called Creativity and Resourcefulness. Anyway, how did I really make it?

Remember those empty cellophane wrap rolls? Those who are neglected when all the stuff needs to be wrapped are done and there's no more cellophane? They're like empty tissue roll but 100x thicker, sturdy and hard and reusable and... recyclable. They're the ones I used to make my Echo Machine and here's how:

Things you need to prepare:

Empty cellophane wrap roll 
Wood Saw (to cut the roll)
Wood Glue
Brush or blower
Push Pins


1. First, using the wood saw, cut the roll to preferred length of speaker. 7 inches is recommended. 

2. Measure the width of your phone and mark the roll where you want to place the phone using a cutter. That is where you will create a hole to hold your phone or your music gadget.

3. With your saw again, create the hole.

4.  Using a brush or a blower, clean the roll to avoid saw dusts to enter your gadget. You don't want your smartphones to be dusty, right?

5. It's already 90% done and ready to use but the echo machine will just look boring. This is where your artistic juices comes in. Decorate it. You can paint it, sketch on it or whatever. As for me, since I'm a bookaholic and I so love words, I used cut outs from old books(I mean really really old books, those with yellow crisp pages already). I soaked then with glue and covered the roll. When dried, I finished it with a light brown varnish to make a wood glow.

6. Now, you might think that that's it already but not yet. Na-ah! It would not stand still because it doesn't have a stand. And for that, I used 2 push pins (TEMPORARILY) as stands. That way it can hold my phone still.



I don't mean to brag or something but I just find it so amazing to create something nice from scraps. 

So, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my next DIY feature. :)

"Creativity is intelligence with fun." - Albert Einstein

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  1. Nice work Rose...i also love doing DIY projects whenever the mood strikes me :)



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