Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me As A Traveller

I’m not much of a traveler and I hated riding on buses. Yet I’ve been to many places but I haven’t appreciated much of the places and the environment I passed and have been surrounded by because every time I got to one/fourth of the destination? My head would spin, my stomach would turn and the next thing I know? I’m all over my vomit. Yuck!!! So gross!! I know! Anyway, that was when I was still in high school. I’m more comfortable on bikes and motorcycles than four-wheeled vehicles. It took me three years for the realization to strike me. The bus maybe is one of the dirtiest transportation medium to be in because you got to filter the moist, dirt, dusts in your face while you’re sitting next to the window, you got to smell weird odors, trashes of boiled eggs, junk foods and even saliva but after three years of getting used to it, I found out that life here on earth is like riding the bus.

Unpredictable. You won’t know whose going to be your seatmates. There’s the silent miss who keeps on leaning her head on the window staring at nowhere. There’s the old lady who boasts about her children’s achievements and then changes to a dramatic mode saying “They are living away from me now”. There’s the chubby gal who never stops munching junk foods that you’d be lucky if you are offered to eat. Then there’s this sophisticated chic who shows off her touch screen phone and retouches every time the bus stops. You got to listen to the snores of an emo who sleeps with his ipod on the maximum volume and his headphone as big as an earmuff. There’s the impatient suitcase bachelor who glance at his wristwatch every ten minutes with folded forehead. Then there’s this noisy teenager who keeps chewing her bubble gum for an hour and fingers fixed on her phone narrating how dramatic and uncool her life is. There’s the innocent kid who stares at you until she gets to her destination with her mother. Then there were the ever jologs guys who tries hard to get your phone number. There were also the good guys/girls who are kind enough to offer you seats. Somehow, you share time with them like friends who walks in and out of your life. You share time with them but they’ll have to go and leave. Unpredictable.

Exciting. You got to visit different places every time it stops by. You get to see beautiful views that are rarely seen and not usually appreciated by others. You get excited by events you might witness by just passing by. And just like the seatmates, you get to know and exposed to people with different attitudes which will help you mould your character. Fantastic.

IRRITATING. Yeah! Life is not complete without downs. It can’t be all ups, ups, and ups. That would be boring. Yes!! Traveling is not always going to be exciting. There are times when you get stranded when the bus goes “moody”. And you have to wait for another mean for transport when you are standing by the highway in the middle of an uncivilized location and you got a cell phone which is out-of-coverage or else low battery. Usually it’s waiting that makes you irritated. According to a Factory Engineer of one of the prestigious companies of Philippines, waiting is a waste. Yeah! That is definitely right but sometimes you have to wait because hurrying might go wrong. Everything has a reason and to get to that reason, you have to wait. Just like waiting for a barge and your bus is last on the line or the line of the crowd gets bigger and the door is just like a dot in your sight. Hahahaha!!! And unluckily, you are in a hurry!!! And you have a nth level talkative seatmate who keeps on talking about things that are unnecessary. The conductor keeps on asking for your ticket when you already had one.

Either way… though we get unpredictable, expecting and irritating experiences in our life, at the end, we still get to our destination…. Our purposes… The important thing is we take things in a positive way. We learn from what we see and enjoy every moment of our journey.


  1. Baligtad tayo. I love bus rides. The longer the better. I get to think about a lot of things while traveling. Pero tama ka minsan nakaka-irritate mga katabing pasahero. Lalo mga lalaking kala mo 2 upuan binayaran kung makaupo. Sinisiko ko talaga hahaha! Bakit nagbayad din naman ako no hehehe.

  2. I love buses! There few public buses in Atlanta and only few ride them. Once in a while, me and my wife ride it just to have fun.

    You are right when you say its unpredictable. You never know who's coming in that door. Sometime there are annoying passengers and sometimes there are nice ones. either way, its a good way to have fun.

  3. thanks for dropping by mpa and brewed...:-]

  4. You have described most of the characters on all public transportation, I've had my share of days riding the public transporation, interesting I shall say.

  5. Don't know so much about bus but skytrain is always a good choice and fast!

  6. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.



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