Monday, February 14, 2011


I was working on my writing assignments when my brain just went blank. I totally run out of ideas and words to write so left my PC for a while and tried to sleep. Who knows? Maybe I'll dream about ideas. However, it didn't work out. Why? because I wasn't able to sleep. I had my pen ang some scratch printed papers. I tried sketching but nothing happened. It looked like an abstract. A totally unexplainable sketch. I went back to my computer, pressed on the start button and there was Paint in the lower portion of the start options. I didn't know what went into my mind. The only thing that happened afterwards was this....

Meet Vaiola... Vaiola is another character from my fiction story Giants and Elves. Actually, I have no intentions of really drawing her. I was only drawing a woman and then when I finally made the layout, I thought of finishing it and name it Vaiola. The drawing is not that really nice. It has some fail lines and the color is not that really well mixed.


  1. Astig si Vaiola :-) 3 pa dalang kutsilyo ah

  2. love it! isa akong walang kwenta sa pagdrawing..hahaha..
    kahit stick na tao bagsak pa rin ako!..

    thanks for following me on GFC..



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