Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Friendship Algorithm

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is one of my favorite funny actors. He suits the role he plays in the television series The Big Bang Theory. It's amazing how people with high IQs can be really funny and the series really shows it. Facts versus opinions. Brain versus heart.

Another thing I like about this series is the collection of t-shirts Dr. Sheldon Cooper wears every episode. The prints are really cute and amazing. From scientific equations to logic sayings to justice league characters. One time, while searching for a wonderful picture to print for a t-shirt, I stumbled upon this photo. The Friendship Algorithm which really made me giggle. Well, I remembered the episode and it made me smile thinking that.. "Thanks God, I'm just normal."

Well, the character of Dr. Cooper is just a fiction but let's face, there are people who are similar to the character. Those people includes those highly intellectual who think they are so superior.

Friendship doesn't need an algorithm, it just happen without you planning. If this algorithm is to be followed, i'm sure i'll never have a true friend.


  1. jan tlaga nagsisimula ang frendship

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  2. That design would be great on a shirt but it would be awkward when people start staring at the wearer's chest to actually follow the algorithm.



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