Sunday, May 22, 2011

SHOE HUNT: Caught Between Sneakers and Doll Shoes

I don’t always shop for shoes. I only shop for shoes during emergencies (I mean during times when I have no choice like wedding, graduation, formal occasions, thesis defense, project proposal and when shoes are on laundry). Because that’s the only time I have to wear those heels, stilettos and the likes which are really not for me. I’m not really comfortable with those. It aches my feet and I’m not comfortable with showing off my feet. Believe me, my feet are not that adorable. I have giant feet. Size 9. (woooahhh! Huge! Lol but true story) I guess it just match with my height. 

My usual footwear get-up are sneakers, usually chucks. I have four chucks. Hmmm… Anyways, I just got my monthly online earnings last week and I have decided to treat myself. I have decided to treat myself for a material thing. After all, I think I deserve it. After all, I have already spent my previous online earnings for an investment last month so maybe, it’s just right to give myself a reward. What came into my mind was a pair of new shoes even though I know the hunt was going to be difficult because of the size of my feet. So the decision is final. Actually, I was looking for okay-okay shoes since there are lots of original and slightly used shoes in okay-okay. In fact, three pairs of my chucks are from okay-okay. Also, they’re cheap so maybe I can buy an extra pair but there wasn’t any okay-okay shoe store in our city unlike the previous city I spent my three years of going to college. I was disappointed that I decided to go home but instead of calling a cab, I ended up inside Meryl, a shoe store and then I was caught between a nice MNJ doll shoes and an Adidas sneakers. Like I said, hunting for shoes with size like mine is difficult and they were the only shoes that I was attracted into and it’s great that they’re perfect for my feet. To think that I’m not easily attracted to doll shoes. I don’t wear a lot of doll shoes. For me, they’re only for emergencies. Both have common color. MNJ with gray and pink and sneakers with white and pink which is odd because when it comes to pink and red colors, I’m always the choosy type which is why until now, though my favorite color is red, I don’t have a red shirt. Both prices were just fine though I know I could have the same shoes but lower prices in okay-okay. The price was just fair enough for a brand new one. In the end, I bought the MNJ doll shoes and until now I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I bought a doll shoes instead of sneakers.

The shoes well, it kind of look sporty and the outer surface is really kind of sneakers-like. It is slightly rough on the surface but soft and comfy on the inside. And it is so light. And just when I got out of the store, I looked back and sighed. Did I make the right decision because until now I’m thinking of the Adidas sneakers? I’m not regretting that I bought the MNJ but I’m not yet over thinking with the Adidas sneakers.


  1. the shoes was beautiful..maganda napili mo..

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  3. hey lisha... i don't mean to be rude or something like that but kindly stop spamming my blog with your comment that I really don't understand... I'm sorry but you have to stop..

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  5. Where can I buy this kind of shoes?thanx

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