Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Planning the Unplannable and Focusing on Investments

"I'm tired of planning the unplannable" - Ted Mosby in "How I Met Your Mother"

I feel the same way too. For how many years, I'm always one of those types who plan to do something but in the end, nothing happened. I don't know maybe, things weren't meant to happen, maybe because something came up before the plan was executed or maybe I was attacked by a certain illness called laziness. Things happen for a reason and sometimes, that reason may not go along with your plans.

Last year, I was too excited, just before graduating, I planned on doing something and yes, it was a plan I successfully did but in the end, the outcome was not satisfying. Bottom line is that it was a failure. And it was the biggest failure I've ever experience. I have waisted money and time and to think that I have planned it very well in the beginning. Many would regret it if it ever happened to them but I don't. Why? Because it happens when it happens. Things happen for a reason. It was a mistake but a useful mistake. It was a mistake where I have learned enough and it's done already. Good thing to do is just accept it and look at the bright side. [Anyways, enough of this, I had a post about this whole last-year issue].
What you plan usually doesn't end up the way you want it and that just tiring. So why just let anything happen and stop planning. Instead, just plan the unplannable. Expect the unexpected and be surprise with the outcome.

"Let Go and Let God Take Over"

Things would go perfect if we let our Creator, our God to take over our life and stop being such a hard-headed person who tries hard to do things his own way. God has a plan for each one of us and it would be better to follow His plan and just be excited and be surprise on what He is about to lead us to. After all, is plan is way way too better than our plan. 

This doesn't mean you have to just sit and wait. Effort is a must so when God gives you blessings, use it for good and useful reasons. Chances will be given and you have choices to make. You just have to strengthen your faith.

" Focus on Investments"

Use the blessings you receive in useful things. Invest on profitable stuff that would gain you advantage in the future. Plans may not happen in the time you planned it to happen but  investments will help you to make those failed plans succeed in the future. Therefore, always make investments from the blessings you have receive. Invest it and share it... :)

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