Monday, May 9, 2011

PACQUIAO-MOSLEY Boxing Match 2011

After defeating Margarito last year and acquiring his 8th championship title, everyone was expecting a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight but due to unexplainable reasons, the pretty boy and undefeated boxer Mayweather declined the idea of the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight.

Instead Pacquaio was then scheduled to fight for Sugar Shane Mosley in the 8th day of May[Philippine time], the same day of Mother's day. Upon the announcement of Pacquiao and Mosley's fight several months ago, many were excited for one reason that Mosley is challenging boxer to fight with because he'd never been defeated through knock out. All of his fight were ended with decision. All were up to the 12th round of the game. It was a challenge for Pacquaio who has punched his way to knock out his previous opponents.

Just yesterday, May 08, 2011, the world witnessed the fight of the year. The world witnessed what supposed to be a super great fight but instead, coming from a personal opinion of an ordinary viewer, it wasn't that great at all. There wasn't much of intense moments of exchange of jobs. Well, it was kind of exciting when Pacquaio had knocked Mosley down in the third round but after that, all I saw were clingings, and slipping of punches. 

I don't blame Pacquaio anyway, I saw the intense desire of giving the audience a good fight. In fact, it was more exciting in the later round when Pacquaio was almost knocked down on the side of the ring. His speed and attack became more offensive. Mosley, on the other side, made some great moves as well but I didn't saw much of it aside from his hard defensive moves which made the match a bit of "hit-me-if-you-can" game.

Anyways, the best part  is that  Pacquaio won which is really obvious and that makes us all Filipinos proud of him.  For Mosley's part, he's a good sport and he's way too different from Pacquaio's opponents. He didn't looked and acted boastful and arrogant like some of Pacquaio's previous opponents.

ALL HAIL FOR THE PINOY CHAMP.... We're proud of you Manny!!!

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