Thursday, July 28, 2011


A friend of mine sent me this poem via text message. Of course, it was untitled and I really don’t know if he’s the original composer of the poem or what but I just know, he wants to tell it to a girl that I know as well. A girl I used to live with for almost 6 months. An extraordinary girl I’d like to call a cat. Yes, I’m a common friend of the two. A clown boy who faithfully waited for a boyish girl for three years. However, their relationship only lasted for one year. The boy continues to be a clown until now and it’s funny that when he gets to the point that he becomes really irritating, the only thing that we can use against him to shut him up is her name. The girl always calls me on the phone till now. We joke around and just like him, the only thing that could shut her up is his name. Hmmm… This is the poem he sent me.

Photo from  Exlovemeagain

Every time I miss you

I keep thinking of you

You’ve always been in my heart

And I thought it’s ‘till death do us part

When I sleep I dream the day we were glad

And it’s hard to forget the memories we had

Loving you was never hard for me to do

Because I know you loved me too

But now it’s time to say goodbye

For the love that is meant 

Was just only for a moment.

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