Monday, August 15, 2011


As part two of my Nothing Beats College poem, I'm sharing this poem entitled "College Dilemma". I wrote Nothing Beats College when I was in my first year in college. Crazy how I kept it for myself for about three years before posting it here in my blog. Anyway, this is my final year in college( I hope so) so I'm writing a part two.
Why do colleges are so complicated?
Why does it make simple things overrated?
Why prove simple values
When the answer is very obvious?
Forcing our brains to drain
‘til blood in our noses rain.

What you get is not what you always see
Because even if your professor smiles
They can still give you INC
And when you think that you got the finals nailed,
Don’t relax and sit back,
For you can still have a failing grade.
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And crazy how statistics be so ridiculous
Stating conditions and never-ending rules
And I never thought that freedom can be measured, “son of a gun!”
Then came a statement stating the degree of freedom.

And how come integration and differentiation are very significant?
When after all, it’s only plus and minus that you’ll encounter in your future working barracks.
Why do efforts seem to be very unimportant?
When you have done your very best for your thesis to be excellent.

And when you thought you have sniffed every chemicals, hydrochloric acid and all,
Your chemical research still fails that you feel like overdosing with pills you bought from a drugstore.

Seems to be impossible but yes, it’s true
College is not as simple as a-e-i-o-u
It is a never ending drama
of college dilemma.

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