Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vee Philosophy: The Patience Theory

I'm going to cut my breaktime for now. Instead, I'm posting one of the philosophies I have come up with. The Patience Theory. I just came up with this theory one time when I was thinking about the argument I had with one of my classmate with regards with boys having multiple girlfriends during our literature class. (We were discussing some poem about courtship!!! )

My classmate told me that boys do things like that because of a previous heartbreak. It could be that a guy had a trauma from a previous relationship which is wwhy his one way of trying to heal himself is through collecting numerous girlfriends. Yes, it's unfair but let's face it, with the liberality of today's generation, girls are doing the same as well. 

Okay, so I was on my way home that time. I was thinking of series of questions. First, I asked myself, what's the reason of this "relationship-collection"? So I got an answer from my classmate, traumatized by hurt, afraid of experiencing the same relationship. Next question, why were they hurt? That got my brain spin a bit. Could be because of some third-party, tired of relationship, fell out of love, relationships not working out, etc. etc. etc.... Next question, why enter relationship when it's quite obvious that those things mentioned are 90% possible to happen? Of course, people get to observe other relationships therefore, it's quite obvious that they are aware of things like that however, they take the risk of entering the relationship. It was that time that I passed by our very own Children's Park(which is the name is so ironic because it's seldom to find kids there, instead, all the benches are filled with lovers doing all their tweetum stuff!!) From there, I got the answer, they take risks becase they are so carried away by the moment. I can say that from my observations from one of my close friends. Once, their together with her boyfriend, she tend to forget other people sorrounding them. Gosh! I can sense the hormones flowing and te hypothalamus pumping up. My next question is. Are they really sure about what they feel or they are just so fired up by the fast beating of their heart? Feelings can be misinterpreted. Just like how 6-graders think they are inlove with their Korean Popstar crushes and then later on, they'll laugh at theirselves for their acts. It was then that the answer hit me.

Image from Nasa

PATIENCE. It's always about patience. May it be physical or emotional hurt, it's always because of patience. People get hurt because they're impatient. Consider these examples.

*Aside from technical defects, why there are always car accident? Because, people are always in a hurry. They are impatient. They can't wait.

*Why do people stumble on the ground? They trip. Why? Because they don't look at the ground. They're looking at something else. They're in a hurry. They become impatient.

*Why students fail on some of their subjects? Because their always looking at the time. They don't focus on the lecture(specially when the class is getting boring). They can't wait for the time to strike "bell rings". They are impatient.

The same thing in relationship as well. They get carried away. They misinterpret their feelings. The heart can deceive and when things get fired up, they are on. They can't wait to think of things to consider. They hurry and it's too late for them to realize that they could be hurt anytime.

Not that getting into a relationship is wrong but it has to be in the right time. There will be always be hurt in all relationship but we can minimize hurt if we just wait for the right timing. Okay. So I said it already. My Patience Theory. My theory about why people get hurt. Patience. It's always about patience.

PS: A right thing in a wrong time is always a wrong thing.



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