Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Over-the-Bakod Experience

I was so tired that whole four hours that I was so exhausted when I came home. What’s more tiring was that I also had to go to the school gym for the Cultural Night of our College Palakasan. I haven’t eaten my dinner that time and it was already past six when I came to the school and help my classmates with some of the activities we prepared.
It was quarter to 10 when I decided to go home. I was so tired and hungry. The dorm where I live at imposes curfew and it’s always 10pm during regular semesters and 9pm during summer classes. I had a classmate who had a duplicate key for the dorm for she’s the assigned keymaster of the dorm. She comes home late always because of her school works (she’s a senator in our student government) and she was busy that night in the gym so I was thinking that if she wouldn’t go home yet, the dorm gate would still be open so I went to the nearest fast food and ordered TO-GO meal. It was getting dark so I rode “Sikad” and arrived about 10:30. 
 Photo from Kerenor

Tsada!!!! The gate was close. I’ve got no other way to go inside. My roommate came out of her room and stayed at the living room watching over me at the window. I ate my dinner at the gate keeping an eye on possible signs of dangers like “holdapers” and “snatchers”. An hour later, my classmate(the key master) texted my roommate that she would be late. Mosquitoes surrounded me. RRRRR…. I even composed a poem on my phone. It was then that my roommate told me to climb over the fence.
I was thinking that. “Wow! I’ve never done that but I really would!” After all, I’m the kind who loves thrills, actions and things that are very unusual for me to do. With a smile on my face, I climb over the fence. It was crazy and I really felt AWESOME after I landed on the ground. Wow! Two first times in just a day. It was already quarter to 12 and I was thinking, “my roommate should’ve brought her camera so she could’ve taken a photo of me climbing over the fence without our landlady noticing.”
The experience was totally fun even though I wasn’t able to enter the dorm. After climbing over the fence, I only stayed on the veranda. The front door that leads to the living room where my roommate was locked. I lost two hairpins trying to unlock the door. “hooah… pathetic me.”  But then, like I said, I totally enjoyed the over-the-bakod experience. My key maste classmate arrived at quarter to 1am and that was only when I got to enter the dorm. Me and my ever supportive roommate went to our room together. She stayed in the living room while I was in the veranda. Such a dear friend!!!
Anyways, here is the poem I composed while I was outside our dorm gate while mosquitoes were trying hard to sip the blood out of me.
One more hour and it’s midnight
It’s been a long day and I badly want to sleep tight
I wanted to listen to how crickets sing
But instead, all I hear are mosquitoes on my ear singing.
Behind this wall is where my bed resides
And I can’t wait to have the comfort it provides
I watch as the streetlights flicker
Like eyes of a monster who wanted someone to devour.
But  still, I stand firm and never give up
For I know that I’ll find a key for this lock.

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