Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#SittieCatesBookContest: Why I Love to Read Books?

Books? They’re my first love. I remember how I would work hard just to be part of the honor’s list in school so my father would reward me with a new book at the end of the school year. At first, it was a box filled with fairy tales, and then a book about the autobiographies of the presidents of the Philippines when I was in 2nd grade. The next books I collected were about histories, trivias and other children stories.

I remember how I would stay at the library and scan the encyclopedia (Yes! I was a trying hard genius before). Usually, I read about animals, flowers, novel authors and scientist. I used to have a notebook filled with interesting trivias about them. I really can’t explain the feeling whenever I have a book on my hand but I just love it. It’s like whenever I get to open a new book, I’m about to take a flight to a new world and I so love the feeling.

The BOOKaholic side of me...:)

Maybe, what pushed me to love the art of writing is the fact that I’m bookaholic and I’m one of those I’ve-read-this-and-that kind of geeks. I was in high school when I discovered the world of PHR (Precious Hearts Romances) pocketbooks. Hahaha… I have to admit, they really do publish great love stories. It was that time that I promised to myself that I would collect a lot of books when I get to college and build my own library and bookstore when I get a stable job and earn a lot of savings. Hehehe… What can I do? This skinny girl likes to sleep in a bed of books.

I know electronic books or e-books are kind of trending these days compared to books since they can be easily downloaded plus you don’t have to carry extra loads and make another vacant space in your bookshelf but let’s face it. It still feels incredibly different when you get to touch the pages and smell the dusty scent of old books and the scent of inks in newly published books. May it be hard-bound or paperback, I love them. I remember how I would rush to the nearest bookstore whenever the University’s cashier office would release our monthly stipend. My allowance from being a dean’s-lister wasn’t that big amount really but I would spend about 10% of it shopping for books. Most of them were suspense and adventure stories mixed with little love stories. My personal favorites were The Cat Who Saw Stars the Tyler Series which I can’t finish until now because my collection of the series is not complete. My addiction to books got worst when another bookstore opened up in Iligan and I was hired as an OJT at Nestle Philippines Inc. in Cagayan de Oro. National Bookstore, OMF, Booksale, Expressions and other bookstands were my usual hang-out. Whenever I get my monthly allowance from Nestle, these stores were my first stop. I love it when I’m surrounded by books. These days I’m into collecting self-help books, inspirational and devotional books for prayer time and Bob Ong books.

It was only these last 6 months that I haven’t read any new books aside from Harold Sala’s How to be Joyfully Single and Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress. I was just to busy with my thesis but now, I’m back to business and now got a lot of books to read because of not being able to read them (like I said, those past 6 months were really a pain in the ass.. got my reading routine ruined.)

Oooppss… Napahaba ang book-chika ko. Anyways, it was fun sharing to you all my bookaholic story to the point that I actually got carried away and made such a long post for Sittiecates’ Book Giveaway contest. I’d like to congratulate her for her new book. Congratulations Sis! You deserve it.  


  1. I'd like to be surrounded by books too but it seems the only time I can actually read a book cover to cover is when I don't have access to a PC, on holidays that kinga thing.

  2. Reading books is one of the most beautiful things to do here on earth. With this one, i learn a lot of things. I travel, read and write, that's what i do. :)

  3. I also love reading books, cause every new book sends me somewhere far away from my place, in the other world, with other people... It is like watchiing the movie (but you are THE DIRECTOR) :)

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