Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book Review: Hit Your Life's Reset Button by Marc V. Lopez

Genre: Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Christian
Pages: 193 pages
Publisher: LIFEDREAM BOOKS by Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.

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What if there was a "life reset button" you could press so you could start all over again?
Do you want to be given a clean slate? A chance to begin again? Maybe restore a relationship? Re-invite your zest for life? Live a richer, fuller life? This book will show you three simple steps on how to "rest" your life - and start again! Anytime, anywhere!

* What's holding you back and what you need to do to break through!
* The simple secret of living life to the full!
* Your authentic Christian identity.


It's not everyday that you get to have a chance to meet and greet an inspiring author up close and personal. Last August 5, 2015, I was privileged and blessed to be able to join one of the many activities in Lingkod-Cebu. Marc Lopez, a Lingkod alumni gave us a talk and shared about his newly published book entitled Hit Your Life's Reset Button. 

                                          Marc Lopez giving a Talk to ALNP-Cebu

                                            Listeners sneaking photo shoots.

                Marc busy signing the books.

Before he introduced his book to us, he imparted to us his experiences of God's love, Christian life and his other adventures in life which are truly inspiring. With the title in mind, my first impression was that maybe it is about moving on. Well yes, partly I was right but this book covers not just that. Having read this little by little in almost 2 months, I can definitely say that calling this an inspiring book is not enough. It is a life-giving book in a way that it helps readers grow closer to God through Lopez' share of personal experiences and reflections. 

HYLRB is a 193 page book that will bless every reader with it's contents. This book is divided into 2 parts, the RESET and the START AGAIN. RESET part consists of 7 chapters that tackles on social, personal and spiritual identity. START AGAIN part on the other hand is divided into 5 sections with various guideposts in every sections that will discuss and impart the process of moving on by slowing down, talking to God, being grateful and accepting His gift, redefining yourself and taking your place. This book also includes guides that can be discussed in small groups. How awesome is that right?

Marc Lopez' Hit Your Life's Reset Button will prove every Christian believer that indeed, there is that invisible button you can always press. All it takes are three simple steps: (a) take a deep breathe. (b) remember who you are and (c) start again.

And ohh... By the way, being the book junkie that I am, I've captured my signed page.

                                    Definitely deserves a beloved 5-star!!!

Comments from other readers:

"Warning: this book will bring you closer to God. Marc's words will penetrate your heart and bless your soul." ----- Bo Sancez, best selling author and lay preacher.

Be blessed and inspired more. Visit For orders on this book, you may contact 0917-300-6681.

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