Friday, October 16, 2015

For the Love of Letters

I'm in love with words. I read them. I try so hard to write them, group them together and make stories with them and of course, make fun with them thru doodling, letterings, typography, calligraphy and drawing. These are one of my stress relievers.


So today's post is not going to be about any books, movies, crafts or anything. I dedicate this post to all the letterholics, word hoarders and doodle geeks. Today I'm sharing my bucket of word works.

Here's something I did last month when I took a leave and called in sick. I had a flu but then I got bored resting at home and ended up brushing letters everywhere. 

Here's one of my favorite verses in the bible I painted. I didn't washed the brush which explains the different mixtures and shades of the colors. 

Who doesn't love Ed Sheeran's Photograph? That song is so sweet, I tried making drawing it. 

I like be this quote from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. It totally make sense.

This one is a mixture of water colors and calligraphy. A fun experience trying them together.

                                            My newbie-ness in the world of calligraphy shows.

Here's more:

What do you think of them?
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