Monday, March 21, 2011

The Creation Of New Blog

I originally made this blog for personal posts like thoughts and poems that I can't publish on Triond and created Giants and Elves blog for the compilation of the Giants and Elves series which was made possible because of a bet me and my silly brother who challenged me into doing one of a fantasy fiction story and right now I'm still on the process of writing the parts and editing the typo errors on the posts there. 

To be honest, I have already published articles in Triond. There are lots of them in different categories and some of them are even displayed in the Triond widget in the left sidebar of this blog. Now I've been thinking, how about creating another blog. Not that I'm not contented with my blah-blah-blahs in this blog but I've been thinking that since this blog is made to express my personal thoughts, how about making another one that would discuss on other things and not just my personal thoughts and memoirs. I'm talking about things like techie stuff like reviews on websites, games, computer softwares, technology-related, movies, music, products and other extra agendas on the net that include earning extra income in the net. 

I'm making this one to link some of my Triond articles that discuss some reviews on softwares and to share my insights on other websites I have stumbled upon. And of course, to share PC games that I've been playing and movies and music that I watch and listen to.

I named my new blog Web Footprints. I got the design of the template from btemplates where there are lots of templates bloggers can choose. I chosed the side-blog design because of the plainness of the design which is way to different from the my other blogs which are customized and themed with dark colors which usually is black. With some HTML tricks I've learned on the net, I have added some widgets on it.

If you are interested, feel free to visit my new blog.... WEB FOOTPRINTS....


  1. I also found myself doing separate blogs for my other interests. Blogger kasi doesn't have that category format like in Wordpress. Problem with Wordpress, you can't do much tweaking in terms of ads. :-)

  2. your new bloglooks like so intresting..good luck



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