Monday, March 14, 2011

My Name is Not Reneboy

My mother just found my math reviewers back in highschool. It was tuck under the old folders in the lowest shelf of our book shelf and she told me to bind it all for future uses of my nephews and niece.
She left me sitting on the floor and arranging all the reviewers when a memory flashed back into me.

I was in my first year in high school. To be honest, I'm not that good with math. It just happened that I was studious enough to understand which was way too different with my bestfriend who was also my classmate that time and is a math wiz since birth until now. We reviewed our way from district competition to division competition. We were a team.

I smiled as I remembered the day of the competition. The emcee walked towards the stage and there we were sitting infront of a desk facing the stage. The emcee was announcing the names of the participants and me and my best friend was the last announced. Her name was mentioned first. She stood and faced the audience and then sat again. I took a deep breath to keep myself calm before the emcee would call my name. The emcee mentioned my last name first so I stood up and then the emcee mentioned my first name... She said... " Vee, Reneboy ".

U-oh... I didn't know what I felt upon hearing that name. my mind was shouting. My name is not Reneboy. I could hear my best friend giggling and the other participants smiling staring at me. I turned to look for our coach. How could she wrote my name that way?   I thought to myself. Am I really that gay?

The competition ended. We ended up fourth place but the thought of my name RENEBOY didn't end. I went home thinking who was wrong. The emcee not reading my name right, or my coach not writing my name right. lol...

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