Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My History of Internet

No words can explain the hassle of my dilemma with my connection now since I have works to be done that really include straight internet connection.
Starting last week, my internet connection had been really rough. After downloading wi-free software and buying it's code for about 12 USD, here I am, still using my prepaid broadband connection because of the unknown reason of frequent disconnection with wi-free. It was introduced to me by a friend from Triond. I don't blame her anyway since both of us experienced the same dilemma with wi-free and she said it was her first time to experience that long problem with the connection since she was already using it since last month and she's a dear friend as well.

Anyway though I've been really frustrated and sad, I chose to consider the positive side and think that because of the frequent disconnection, I had enough time to relax and sit back. Eat, rest and have enough sunlight. During those times that I did nothing with the hassle internet, I got to think, how did internet became a part of my routine?

Rewind....four years ago, I know nothing about the internet and the world wide web. True but I'm a computer savvy. I learned to use the computer since third grade and that's year 1998.  Back in the 90's, there were no internet shops in our small town and my older brother and sister only had internet in their school computer laboratory. Well, what should we expect in a third world country? They were the one who taught me with all the basic tricks in the computer. Being a computer savvy even helped me earn enough for my school uniform in high school. LOL. But when it came to internet, I knew nothing. When it came to researching for school projects, I had Encarta and Britannica Encyclopedia installed in my computer and I was patient enough to visit the library. In fact, it's my hide-out.

Then I went to college and moved to a larger city six hours away from my hometown. and lived in a small boarding house. The small town girl was turning into a city girl. The university was surrounded with plenty of internet shops with hour rates of 10-15 PHP per hour but I really never even turned my head  towards those shops. I thought, all of those shops were only for computer online gaming. Besides, I was contented with my older brother doing the researches for me. Then, my brother bought me my first Flash disk. And he knew my favorite color, Red and it was a bit simple but chic Transcend one.

Then, I had a project for our laboratory work in one of my subjects and my brother was too busy with his work so I got no choice but finally step into the door of the nearest internet shop with my roommate and my roommate's classmate who was and still is my friend too. It's funny because I didn't even know what to do with Firefox and what address should I type. I started Friendster-ing and got interested with the tricks I learned in Photobucket and all the CSS designs. I can say now that, my internet history started with friendster. What happened next was the enjoying downloading of movies, you tube videos, mp3s, ebooks and tutorials of programming stuff. As the years go by, I learned more and more internet tricks.
The flashback really made me smile. I turned out way too far from the small town girl who knew nothing about internet and even more savvy than my sister who registered my friendster account and my roommate who taught me the tricks of CSS...LOL [I hope I didn't sound like bragging]... and it's even more awesome how that small town girl turned out to be  earning again out of the thing she used to know nothing about. LOL   

HUHHH...[sigh] now... how I wish my internet connection becomes steadier now...

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