Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting to Know Ima Vee

I just noticed that I didn't have an About Me widget in any of my blogs. I forgot to add it. I used to put it here in my blog for my first month blogging but then, I really didn't have words to describe myself  which is why I removed it. And then I just saw Kraehe's last post in my dashboard[in the blogs I'm following section] which reminded me that I removed my About Me widget.

So I guess, I'm not going to put the About Me widget again for now since I still don't have a right description in mind but then this post will give you, my readers some idea about who really is Ima Vee:

My Name: Ima Vee           [My pen name which means I'm a Vee and Vee stands for the first letter of my REAL last name...I hope the former emcee of the Math contest I joined read this and find out the my name is not reneboy...hmmmpp]

My Hometown: Dapitan City, Philippines

Describe my body:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....????? [thinking], 5'4"...I'm skinny and no matter how much I eat, I don't gain weight. Is 30 considered flat-chested??? Waist????? 24....... Hips??????? Don't ask... :-( P.S.... Don't ask my weight. 

My Hobbies: Draw and play with my brush and pen. Play guitar, keyboard. Surf the internet, write, and make fun with my nephew until he cries...LOL[not that harsh]:]


Food: I'm all smiles if there's Fried Tilapia or Bangus in the table.

Movie: The latest? It would be Three Idiots. All time favorite.....The Passion of Christ.

Books: Many to mention. Such books include The Princeton Murders, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Tagalog Pocketbooks, Tyler Series, Alamat ng Gubat :-], etc. and of course the Bible.

Authors: I can't pick one... J.K. Rowling, Lurlene Mcdaniel, Lisa Gardner, Bob Ong, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gilda Olvidado, etc. and of course, tadadadada..... Ima Vee[even she makes a lot of typo in her posts...LOL]

Songs: I'm into alternative rock and OPM songs and pop songs sang by girls with lyrics that make sense of course. Doesn't matter if it's new or not. Sometimes, I found myself listening to RNB and ballad. Some of my favorites are Stop and Stare, I'm Like a Bird, Come Back Down, perfect Memory, Say Forever, Playing God and many others. But my all time favorite is A1's One Last Song.

Artists/Bands: Nelly Furtado, Sixpence None Richer, remy Zero, One republic, Faber Drive, paramore, Eraserheads, MLTR [I'm also a fan of the 90's], Westlife, A1 Lifehouse, Dashboard Confessional, Bruno Mars, Rico Blanco, Sarah G., Regine V., Avril Lavigne, Ogie A., demi Lovato, ahhhhhh.... Alison Krauss, Juris F., Simple Plan, Ely Buendia, Secondhand Serenade.... SO MANY OTHERS...
P.S. I sometimes sing along with Lady Gaga and Beyonce... LOL... that's a secret.

Drinks: I love Fresh Milk.... sometimes coffee.

T.V. Shows: For now, I love watching MYX and UFC in Studio 23 and Justice League of course.

DVD Series: Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Smallville, Prisonbreak

Snack: Skyflakes with Tuna[either hot and spicy flavor or flakes in oil] French Fries dipped in ice cream.

Anime Series: Naruto... Lovely Complex and Rosary Vampire

  • I can't sleep with pillows under my head. I don't know why.... hmmmppp...
  • I don't sleep lying with my back flat on the bed. It's the other way around. Gets?
  • I eat hot rice mixed with raw eggs. Ever heard of it? My roommates before didn't like seeing me eating those.
  • After my school uniform in high school, I don't like wearing skirts. I feel gay. But definitely, I'M NOT A LEZ... 100 percent Girl. The last time I wore skirt was in my older brother's wedding. never happened again. 
  • Sometimes, when I get bored, I read my book upside down.
That's all for today... For any questions, just leave it on your comments.


  1. Hahaha ang galing Ima.

    You're an inch taller than me. And yes, 30 is considered flat LOL! :-)

  2. ATE! Ang galing2 mo talaga! BOW! :)



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