Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maria Cristina Falls Trip

7-30-2011. this was an amazing day. I’d say I experienced two first time experiences that day. It’s been two weeks already and it’s frustrating that I haven’t posted a blog about it until now.  Anyway, I’m sharing now what happened that day.
Saturday, 7-30-2011, it was a date. CYA was going to hold its fellowship on Ma. Cristina Falls. Of course, I was very excited. It would be my first time to go to the place. I have been to Tinago Falls and Abaga Falls, unfortunately, I forgot to export all my adventure trip photos from Friendster which is why Tinago, Abaga Falls and Mt. Agad-Agad will only be memories on my head. Anyway, like I said, I have been to Tinago and Abaga Falls, but Maria Cristina Falls? I never had the chance to. Iligan is of course the City of Water Falls but of all the falls there, I’ve only been on the two.  Anyway, I can’t blame anyone for not having a chance of going to Ma. Cristina. Ma. Cristina is a private place. Not everyone can go there without having to log-in and ask permission on the office. Ma. Cristina is the no. 1 source of Mindanao’s electricity. 

So I got there along with some of my dorm mates, friends and other CYAers. It was amazing. That time, the flow of the falls was ravishing. The water falls looked like soap bubbles poured on a pail of water. I could even see rainbows. Totally AWESOME and LEGENDARY.  Here is a picture of the falls.
After being totally amazed by the beauty of nature God has created, we then went to the nature park where we watched crocodiles rest with their mouth wide open, ostriches roam around their cages, etc. We played outdoor games as well.
I was so tired that whole four hours that I was so exhausted when I came home. What’s more tiring was that I also had to go to the school gym for the Cultural Night of our College Palakasan. I haven’t eaten my dinner that time and it was already past six when I came to the school and help my classmates with some of the activities we prepared.
I have a continuation for this… “The Over-the-Bakod Experience”


  1. Nice adventure. However, do they allow visitors to swim there?

  2. Unfortunately... bawal maligo don...

  3. Hi,.
    The water falls looked like soap bubbles poured on a pail of water. I could even see rainbows.

  4. Have you been in Ma. Cristina falls HC?



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